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One of the most obvious reasons why people surround themselves with the latest gadgets available in the market is that they look beautiful to look at.  There is pride in carrying them around since appreciation from others is always good to hear.  Some gadget owners go further by providing enhancements such as beautifying homescreens of their Android devices. 

Through beauty widgets, many have chosen to customize their devices’ homescreens according to their personal preference.  It is an app that is fairly simple and easy.  It doesn’t pretend to do anything but to add aesthetic appeal to devices people look at daily while providing information for things that people naturally check on a regular basis such as the time and the weather. 

The clock and weather widgets have both beautifying and functional offerings to users.  Weather forecasts are animated so that you can watch rain on your phone if the forecast is for a rainy day.  Forecasts can be programmed for multiple locations.

Beauty widgets also offer an assortment of toggle buttons that will enable owners to change the features of their devices as often as they want.  These may include brightness change, timed silence, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Plane Mode, Auto-rotate, and many others.  Customizing options are fairly wide, allowing for changes in widget skins, text and backgrounds colors, or manner of notification.

It is not as if our devices would run less efficiently if beauty widgets are not activated on them.  The sense of pleasure in seeking these kinds of apps is just one of the finer things in life that makes the daily grind more interesting.  It does not offer any excuse for being but just offers itself to those who want to have it.

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