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There is a smart way of leading readers around a blog in relation to finding related content.  This is through the Related-Post Widget which makes it possible to provide visibility to articles that may prove interesting to readers.  It is like providing a ready-made list to readers who may be looking for more information than what a single post can provide.

There is a big benefit in providing this widget in a blog.  Related articles can lengthen the time spent by readers on a blog.  It can also help increase page views as word-of-mouth or word-of-online share gets to more people because of satisfied readers.  Instructions for installing it are found online.

How does a Related-Post Widget help in lengthening the time spent by readers on a blog?  Quite simple really.  When readers continue to see something they like which is usually more relevant information, then bloggers can expect to enjoy lengthier visits from readers.  This is highly beneficial since this connotes a positive action of readers which search engines will categorize as something favorable thereby increasing the value of a site as a relevant source.

How does the same widget help increase page views  It achieves such feat through the simple and natural result of genuine sharing by people who saw something good in the site.  Satisfied readers are like marketing personnel that promotes the site.  The only difference is that they do not need to be paid to do it, just satisfied enough to do the sharing and the recommending on their own volition.  It is important that blogs contain related posts in spite of having several categories to give a semblance of cohesion.

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Teresa finds the related post widget very useful for her blogs.

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