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Inspirational widgets can provide just that- inspiration and motivation for readers.  These widgets can  make the reader experience more positive and pleasurable.  Widgets with messages related to a site is advised although many inspirational quotes are quite general in nature.

Most site owners endeavor to make a user experience a positive one.  Nothing can reflect positivism more than words and images that touch the heart, make a reader ponder, and create a reaction that makes him or her try to be the best that he or she can be.  When something motivates us to do better, that is what inspiration is all about.

It can be very hard to associate technology with inspiration especially of the spiritual kind.  Moving in a world that is highly technical and informal, inspirational quotes placed on blogs and sites provide a personality that cannot be mistaken for something other than human.  Most of the time, sites and blogs that appeal to human emotions and thinking while providing the required information get more readership than others who seem to be all-business.

It should not be forgotten that sites and blog cater to humans and not machines.  Providing relevant information is the main thing but providing a better learning experience  is preferred.  Inspirational quotes are probably the safest and simplest way to personalize a site as they provide words of encouragement and upliftment of the spirit without having to cross the usually complicated area of religious belief.  A reader who comes and leaves a site in positive spirit is one happy visitor indeed.

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