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Written by on August 13, 2006 under Software

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Solostream’s Michael D. Pollock has released a new theme called Bosco 1.0 + Widgets. As the name implies, it is ready for widgets! It really looks sleek. It has a simple two-column layout with a nice white-red-gray color scheme. You could check it out here.

Colors: White, red, gray
Number of columns: two (sidebar is on the right)
Search box: at the sidebar, upper part
Images in the post: they are set to be at the right side
Other distinguishing features: rounded corners on the header, footer and around the main content area, the dates on the entries seem to be in black ‘tabs’

Additional information on the theme could be found on Michael Pollock’s blog entry about the theme. As he has pointed out though, if you want to use widgets with it, make sure that you have the widgets plugin up on your host and active too. Looks like he is quite active in consistently improving it when bugs are reported to him so in case you try it out and find out there are some quirky things with it, don’t hesitate to email him or post a comment.

A little something about the creator of the theme
Michael Pollock is the man behind Solostream Web Studio. He is into blog design and consultancy. He has been into small businesses since 1999. he has some interesting blog entries aside from blog themes.

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