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Written by on August 25, 2008 under Games, Software

If you are a constant follower of the classic games such as Super Mario, then you can rekindle those old times through widgets. Yes you can download and even install them at your site, playing the same way that you did with your old Family Computer. But don’t expect the resolution to be as clear as the ones you have on television though. Widgets still have some shortcomings and apparently considerations such as connection speed still play a vital role in determining how well you can access games through widgets.

Now aside from the famed Super Mario game from Nintendo, you are bound to see a whole lot more of game widgets. You can download these widgets and install it at your site and before you know it, a lot of visitors may be frequenting your site to play the eternal popular game that had them glued to their TV sets.

However, just be sure your bandwidth can handle it. One thing about websites, if they are slow to refresh, visitors may not wait until the whole page shows. Among them would include the widget which eventually becomes part of the website once you install it.

That is perhaps the downside of using too much widgets on your site as optimization issues may arise. It would be advisable to check it out first and see if it does have an impact. If so, better pass it up and just play it from the site where you got it or refer visitors to it. A good deed for you by any means.

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