Keeping your Visitors Busy with Widgets

Written by on May 18, 2011 under Software

Busy Blogger Visitor

While people may sometimes find themselves in a site where a lot of reading materials in the form of blog entries would be found, looking for other interesting parts of their blog is another aspect for their stay. Widget technology has offered a lot of enhancements such as games and making search queries that depend on the type of widget tool that they have installed to complement the overall value of the site. It all depends on forecasting what a person would want to see once they reach the blog roll page where information is still the primary purpose for their stay.

With over a dozen widgets to choose from, a blog administrator can only do much. It is not about putting all the widgets at will so that they can boast of being in with the times of latest technology breakthroughs. A proper selection process must also be implemented since overdoing it may push visitors to go elsewhere to blogs that offer a more orderly presentation of their blog site.

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