The Importance of Widgets

Written by on October 25, 2012 under Widgets

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Question:  Can a site survive without using any widget?

Answer:  Probably, but something will obviously be missing.

Widgets were not as numerous or as active before.  Sites and blogs of today use so many that it is sometimes distracting to the readers.  When site owners do not fall into the trap of overdoing it, widget use is one of the most effective ways of maximizing the potentials of a site or blog.

Widgets make sites and blogs more interesting, interactive, and functional.  In fact, they can be so entertaining that is is very easy to get carried away and place every available widget offered for use.  Site owners have to understand that every widget has a specific purpose and not every purpose will fit the purpose of a site.  Putting widgets that do not go with the basic direction of the site just shows the lack of care a site owner has for the readers.  Sites which respect their readers do not place anything that will not be useful since doing so only works to make the reading experience unpleasant.

Too many widgets can distract the attention of readers especially those that block a part of the content, move around or is just plain disturbing to the eye.  It is always best to determine what the site needs in terms of widgets and then choose only the ones that are most applicable.  Site owners should heed the advice of many to err in the side of caution which is to start with a few instead of a single drop of various unrelated widgets since adding as the need arises is very easy to do.



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Why WordPress Widgets Plugins are Popular

Written by on October 1, 2012 under blogs, Widgets

Widgets are usually placed in websites through coding.  While it is not exactly difficult to do, users will of course prefer to take advantage of more convenient options.  Many WordPress widget plugins have been readily provided without the necessity of coding and this has allowed users to have more freedom in experimenting with their own site.

The reason why WordPress widget plugins are popular is because of the absence of the need to have specific coding skills.  Default conditions are typically provided coupled with a good number of application possibilities.  Unlimited customization opportunities are likewise available.

Many website owners are under the impression that a custom-made lay-out is the way to go if uniqueness is to be achieved at all.  While true to a certain extent, it is of special note that a unique lay-out and functionality can be obtained using pre-designed templates with the proper use of widgets that are widely available.  Website developers can easily manipulate their content visibility in any which way that will best support their purposes to promote their site.

It is no secret that web developers regularly update their sites not only with relevant contents but also with other features that could make the total experience of visiting a site a positive one.  Relevant widgets help make this happen.  Online users are always on the lookout for sites that does not only give them the information they need but also a better reason for them to appreciate the site and come back wanting for more.  Widgets provide an image of activity and concern on the part of a website to enhance a user’s visit.  The recent posts feature, for example, has been made to be more informative by the display of title, author, date, comment count, and excerpts depending on the provided control.


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Enhancing Online Communication with Emotion Widgets

Written by on August 23, 2012 under Widgets

Many of us are familiar by now with the small pictorial presentations that accompany messages we receive online or through other communication gadgets we have.  These are the so-called emoticons which convey a feeling or emotion usually to put emphasis on a particular message.  Since an electronic message comes with a supplied emotion, receivers are able to assess the general mood of the sender, helping him or her react with a suitable response.

Electronic messages are usually difficult to interpret because of the lack of first hand access to real-time emotions.  This is sought to be remedied in part with the use of emotion widgets that enable online communicators to convey emotions to drive home a point.  Initially used in casual writing, emoticon use has been observed in more formal communication. Emoticons are generally basic in form as shown by the smiley face or a sad face.  There are variations seen between the Western and Eastern styles of presenting emoticons.

A most recent innovation seen is the emotion battery widget which can show different emoticons depending on the state of the battery of android phones.  So instead of diminishing bars, you will learn how badly needed recharging is through the emotions portrayed by emoticon faces.  There are actually many versions of this.

Why the need for this kind of widget?  Aside from being more fun to look at, emoticons put a certain degree of life in our way of communicating that has become way too mechanical because of technology and time constraints.  Although it can never take the place of the real thing, emoticons are able to animate our almost automatic way of living, reminding us constantly that there are humans at each end of the communication line, having feelings and emotions that should be considered when sending out messages or replying. 


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The Expected Advantage of Reciprocal Commenting

Written by on July 15, 2012 under blogs

Reciprocal commenting has been used by many blogs to increase their online activity. It is based on the premise that a favorable comment or the mere act of commenting would merit a response through another’s comments. Displaying comments of readers after blog posts provide a semblance of audience participation and therefore implies activity.

Incoming comments may mean increased traffic. It is highly possible that a percentage of reciprocal commenters may develop into regular readers and

followers. Of course, this is not assured.

Commenting of this nature also hopes to form a more permanent relationship than a casual commenting agreement. It does open a venue for this although long-term success would largely depend on the contents of the site. If there is nothing in the site that could sustain long-term interest, then regular readership may be a long shot.

Differences in interests, tastes, and views between a blogger and the target regular audience may make it impossible for permanent following to occur. This is of course except when commenting is largely based on contradicting stands. If this is the case, then a lively exchange of ideas can be expected.

Given the expected benefits of reciprocal commenting, there are also risks associated with the practice. Aside from the possibility of having a comment burnout because of the “required” back comments, it also opens up opportunities for spammers and plain troublemakers to do their thing. This has prompted many sites to opt for the off-comment option. However, choosing this option closes the chance of hearing valid feedbacks from readers. Relevant comments can enrich a site tremendously if bloggers are able to react accordingly to well-founded views and opinions.

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Widgets That Beautify

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One of the most obvious reasons why people surround themselves with the latest gadgets available in the market is that they look beautiful to look at.  There is pride in carrying them around since appreciation from others is always good to hear.  Some gadget owners go further by providing enhancements such as beautifying homescreens of their Android devices. 

Through beauty widgets, many have chosen to customize their devices’ homescreens according to their personal preference.  It is an app that is fairly simple and easy.  It doesn’t pretend to do anything but to add aesthetic appeal to devices people look at daily while providing information for things that people naturally check on a regular basis such as the time and the weather. 

The clock and weather widgets have both beautifying and functional offerings to users.  Weather forecasts are animated so that you can watch rain on your phone if the forecast is for a rainy day.  Forecasts can be programmed for multiple locations.

Beauty widgets also offer an assortment of toggle buttons that will enable owners to change the features of their devices as often as they want.  These may include brightness change, timed silence, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Plane Mode, Auto-rotate, and many others.  Customizing options are fairly wide, allowing for changes in widget skins, text and backgrounds colors, or manner of notification.

It is not as if our devices would run less efficiently if beauty widgets are not activated on them.  The sense of pleasure in seeking these kinds of apps is just one of the finer things in life that makes the daily grind more interesting.  It does not offer any excuse for being but just offers itself to those who want to have it.

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Financial Widgets

Written by on April 27, 2012 under Widgets

Websites offering their take on the world financial market would do well to provide widgets that offer easy access to related information to its readers and customers.  Aside from making the site more interesting, readers find it more convenient when they don’t have to go back and forth between sites containing information they need.  The so-called financial widgets are worthy add-ons to sites dealing with the subject of finance. 

One such widget features the World Market Summary that provides a quick view of what is happening in the major markets around the world.  This widget offers real-time data from major financial markets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas with the option to include other markets when required.  Like most widgets, it is easily integrated into a site or blog by copying and pasting the code.

Other financial widgets can make monitoring of personal investments portfolio a lot easier.  Since they are customizable, the watch list can be configured to include stocks relevant to the user.  Still others allow users to manage their portfolio from a single site or chosen mobile device.

If users are simply interested in finding out the top gainers, a suitable widget can be installed for the purpose.  Stocks that gained the most in the latest trading are easily identified.  Information about current market price and the changes that occurred in between are likewise provided.

For those having interest on particular market sectors, a widget that provides information to what is actually needed can be installed.  There is an option to view this either on a local or global scale.  There is also an option to gain access to a clear picture depicting the global market, easily identifying what is moving up or down.  There are many financial widgets to choose from.  Sites just have to determine which works best for them.  


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Widgets for Play

Written by on March 28, 2012 under Widgets

game widget is just one of the many ways to encourage readers to visit your site.  Depending on what niche your site specifically caters to, you can choose the most appropriate which you believe can get the attention of your target readers.  Installing the widget to your site usually only requires you to embed the tag and paste it where you deem applicable.

Educational game widgets are just what the name implies.  They are games that provide interactive and engaging scenarios for improvement of various skills, academic or otherwise.  Some games are even within the standards of formal learning centers offering topics that allow children to learn and practice problem-solving, comprehension, vocabulary building, and others.  This game widget is especially suitable for sites about kid’s learning and development. 

Most game widgets provide opportunities for players to engage in multi-player online games.  Aside from the fun and excitement that comes with games, there is also the chance to develop skills in interacting and dealing with other people in the online environment.  This is considered a good supplementary training ground for actual social interaction.

There are games that will involve not only skill but strategy and luck.  There are also solitary games that can be played by single players without competition from other players.  Others would require some artistic skill, run a race, catch a monster, or outsmart a villain.  Sports-oriented games are always available as well as those that simply tests visual memory.  Whatever game is chosen, site owners should take time to consider what would be most useful to their target readers so game widgets are not merely seen as other things to do but related things to do.

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Instant Translation

Written by on March 6, 2012 under Widgets

With just about everything going global today even in the contents of our readings, an instant translator can prove to be quite handy.  Writers are increasingly making use of foreign words and terms in their articles especially if using the English counterpart lessens the impact of the words itself.  Readers however, who are lost in the translation would like to have the ready option to check their meanings.  

Although there are several online sites that offer translations, wouldn’t it be more convenient if translations are made more accessible such as in widget form.  When such widget is found in the site itself, readers will not have to leave it to find the desired translation.  The WordPress Multi-Language Translator Widget offers such convenience. 

The Indo-European Translator Widget allows for the translation and transliteration between different languages including English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, and Yiddish.  It is a very popular widget which just proves that readers do not want to be limited by any language barrier.  Lack of knowledge in a language should not be a hindrance to getting the required information. 

Placing a widget that offers instant translation in a site is very much in keeping with the global trending to overcome traditional obstacles and limitations.

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The Power that Blogs Possess

Written by on February 20, 2012 under blogs

Not a few people dream of wielding enough influence as to constitute real power over events and happenings.  Many have discovered a venue which when properly utilized can allow them to have such clout as to initiate a trend or awaken genuine awareness for a particular cause.  Not everyone will have the chance to be national or world leaders and be heard but anyone who has the right mind-set and sufficient determination can create a willing audience to listen through a blog.

Online influence can make things happen faster.  It can educate an audience and call them to action when necessary.  It can also build relationships and encourage a group or community to pursue a specific goal.  Online businesses will surely appreciate the power to influence purchases and increase favorable recommendations.

The power to influence through the online environment has to be earned with professionalism, expertise, integrity, respect, and honesty.  A professional commands attention while an expert attracts respect.  Users will not waste their time on sites authored by nonprofessionals and novices who obviously do not know what they are talking about.  Online users are naturally wary of unscrupulous online presence and will tend to stick with sites that have proven to possess integrity and honesty in their dealings with customers.  Respect cannot be demanded.  It is an automatic response to a site which respects itself and the public.

Blogs that have managed to rise up to become influence-wielders have done so through sharing, teaching, and building.  In essence, it is necessary to invest in the right efforts to the right market to expect to enjoy the fruits of labor.  Bloggers should consider going beyond their self-imposed boundaries to discover the true power that their blogs possess.

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Social Media and Society

Written by on February 1, 2012 under Facebook, Twitter


Social Media platforms are showing just how much people want to communicate with others, whether known or unknown. People are now able to freely communicate with each other without being constrained by time and place.  New social relationships are quickly developed while existing ones are reinforced by the availability of a means of communication.

It is an understatement to say that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have made their mark in society.  People are now finding more new friends through this venue compared to the traditional way of being introduced personally.  The primary reason why this set-up appears to work for most is the perennial lack of time to interact socially in the more conventional manner. 

Social media use has made it possible for physically-challenged or disabled people to communicate. People can now form groups based on similar interests without having to physically assemble which is usually difficult to do with the busy schedules of most working professionals.  Knowledge and information can be obtained from communicating with other people.

Like in all good things, there will always be disadvantages.  The threat to privacy is very real with most participants not realizing enough that some information meant for consumption of close friends and family are actually out into the open for everybody to see.  With the current revelations about privacy intrusion among members of different social media platforms, it can be surmised that absolute and full control over provided personal information is not possible.  Many members have learned the hard way that there are risks in relying solely on security features that can be violated at will by determined offenders.

At the end of the day, we should know that there are still some things best kept to ourselves or at least revealed personally to only those who need to know.



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