Widgets Load and Overload

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Being crazy about widgets is only normal but there is such a thing as overdoing it. In most cases, it would be best to rationalize and determine what widgets you will really need rather than installing and getting them just because you want easier reference points to news, programs and sites.

Further, a large number of widgets can really slow down a site. Remember, you are getting feeds and data from a certain website, and depending on the frequency of update/s, it can really be a heavy load on your desktop or your site. Some people will not care but once you notice the decline in speed, chances are that is the only time you would wise up and take action.

No one is stopping people from getting as many widgets as they can. However, limits and understanding the point to which widgets should be used is a responsibility that perhaps only a wise user would have control over with. In fact, a user would know the limits of his site or desktop but apparently at times, it can only be addressed once inconvenient connections start setting in.

So in a manner of speaking, you are overloading your desktop with widgets and the only way to be able to address it is limiting the widgets based on what you really need. For some it would be a problem but in its entirety, it is useless to have standby widgets if you eventually forget what they are really for.

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