Web Widgets To Channel Videos for Mobile Phones

Written by on September 25, 2008 under News

If there is one thing that widgets are famous for, it is that they are great means of channeling and acting as tunnels for sending one user to a site without having to go through various steps. It is this concept that has brought together Clearspring and Transpera to join forces and send videos directly to mobile phones.

With the familiar “Send to Mobile” option, the interface makes is easier for people to get videos or send them to phones which normally requires a lot of procedures that have become entirely tedious for people who are aching for a simple process. With this partnership, people may look forward to an easier process, doing away with the technical parts that perhaps leads to a frustrating effort in the end.

Transpera, providers of the first comprehensive solution to monetize Web video on mobile phones, today announced a significant partnership with Clearspring Technologies, the leading widget network, to further integrate its mobile video service offerings by way of online widgets. The deal includes implementation of Clearspring’s online widget technology, featuring the “Send-to-Mobile” capability powered by Transpera, where a user can send a video to a mobile phone from a widget.

Widgets are movable, sharable mini-applications used by consumers to craft custom online experiences. Audiences can create widgets of their favorite video content, for example, and post it to their web page, start page, blog or social networking profiles on Facebook or MySpace, for easy access and interaction with the content of their choice on a daily basis.


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