Make Life Easier With Sharing Widgets

Written by on November 30, 2010 under News, Software

Technology has always been known to make life easier and widgets are easily the main solution to most of these things. Sharing files is something that can be done online but thanks to the efforts of Tingz, people can not only rely on using online access but can now use widgets as far as TV and phones as well.

Widgets make it easier to network and connect with friends and associates in real time. Rather than solely rely on using manual means or supposed alternative ways to transfer information and events from one destination to another, these wide array of networks to which Tingz serves is sure to be a welcome state.

Being able to operate in multiple platforms is another added plus. For sure, the Tingz developers have seen this and studied the possibilities. That is one reason why it is a good software to check out today.

Tingz works on Mac OS X, the iPhone, and in Windows Media Center. In each, the interface is basically the same, which Tingz believes is the most useful feature it offers. And what it offers is quite substantial: it lets you find movie listings, watch trailers, pick showtimes, and purchase tickets, acquire recipes, and help find you restaurants in your area.

You can share your “Tingz” with friends that may want to see what sort of recipes you’re looking at or where you’re going for dinner.


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