Google Friend Connect Transcends Language

Written by on May 27, 2009 under News, Software

Language is one of the main barriers that we have to face on a daily basis. The Internet has brought countries and cultures together, and still we do have our language differences. While I will never stop marveling at the complexities of language, I find it difficult to communicate sometimes, and I am sure that you have similar experiences.

Here is some good news for those who use Google Friend Connect: the widget now has a language feature, which allows users to post and comment using their own language. Information Week has this story:

The revised comments gadget allows Web site visitors to post and read comments in their own language through Google’s automatic translation technology.

“With this gadget, visitors from all over the world can leave messages in their native tongue, and other viewers will be able to instantly translate these comments into the language of their choice,” Google Friend Connect product manager Mussie Shore said in a blog post.

The benefit for Web site owners and visitors is obvious: greater community engagement. The downside—of gadgets in general—is ceding more page real estate to a third party. While Google may be a welcome houseguest on many home pages, the presence of its software takes up room that might otherwise be used for unique content. It also raises questions about whether Google and other gadget makers are privy to too much information about what goes on at the Web sites they’re enhancing.

Now we can interact more with people who do not really speak English! My only concern? I hope their translator is accurate!

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