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Written by on August 31, 2008 under News, Software

For the bloggers out there who have been constantly updating their site, perhaps this bit of news may not be a new one. But for the benefit of the ones who have focused mainly on blogging, try and visit your templates section and see what is new on your working desktop. Perhaps now you will see a bunch of new widgets and among them would be the Following option which allows you to keep track of people who are reading and following your blog and vice versa.

Bloggers who could care less and just care about blogging would not give this feature much attention. But for the bloggers who want to optimize their site, this is a handy and useful tool. Especially if you are the type who would want to know how your blog is doing and who could possibly be reading and how many, this new feature will certainly help a lot as far as optimizing your blog and making it stand out.

Driving in traffic is always important. For most bloggers, having a handful of readers to start with, creating interaction and eventually befriending them would be beneficial for any blog. Apparently with this new Following feature on Blogger, optimization and traffic awareness on a blogger’s site on blogger is bound to help a lot and even push blogger members to determine what to blog about for readers to continuously patronize their site.


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