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Written by on September 22, 2008 under News

The Internet is known to be a goldmine as far as gathering information on the web. The only problem is how to start. Typing in names or even locations on your favorite search engine may do the trick but what if you are not that too avid when it comes to manually searching for them. In fact, how sure are you that you are looking in the right place? has offered a variety of widgets to which anyone can simply download widgets from their site to which they can search for local business information directly from their desktop.

With these widgets on your desktop, you no longer have to open separate browsers or worry about what last page you viewed. With the DexKnows widgets you can leave your browser be and simply type what exactly you are looking for at the right places.

In addition to the widgets, Dex also unveiled several other free tools for webmasters who wish to provide added value to visitors of their own sites. Web site owners can now download code that allows them to post search boxes, banners and more from their own sites. Visitors to these sites can then use these tools to search for local businesses.


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