Cases of Missing Applications on Facebook

Written by on October 31, 2008 under Facebook, Games

One thing about Facebook is that you can never get too much of one application. Thanks to the developers, the preference of applications to use has become rampant and from all indications, you may find yourself loaded with application widgets which you can also bookmark thanks to their new bottom sidebar.

But the sidebar can only carry so much, 5 applications at the most. At some point, you may have to ignore some applications since it cannot carry the load. Add to the fact that too much applications may become a load on your browsing, a prime reason perhaps as to why there are connection glitches at times. You can just call yourself unlucky if you are in the middle of a game application like Wrestler and then all hell breaks loose.

Another thing that may perhaps capture the ire of most Facebook subscribers is that of the ever changing face of applications and that of Facebook’s main page. While constant change for improvement is a given, it can also be annoying. Rearranging the initial setup can be totally discerning and while you want to air your side on this matter, you just have to consider the fact that it is all for easier interface.

So if in case you are missing some applications, take a second look. They are most probably around but you seem to have overlooked them due to new designs and setups. It is a pain at first but just like your first sign-up with Facebook, it is all about getting used to it.


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