Kinetic Energy Calculator Widget

Written by on June 23, 2011 under News, Software has reportedly offered two widgets that people can place on other social networking sites such as MySpace or standard website pages. Especially if you are a member of, you can be able to download the said widget and place it on your site.

When you install this widget, it provides you with a feed-type of a production as whenever new posts on articles or updates are done, you can immediately see them through the widget installed in your site. In fact, you can go as far as seeing various images uploaded on the site itself, offering you a variety of ways to access the site without having to be at the actual site.

On a business aspect, you can see that such a widget allows more traffic to Add to this, they have also added a Kinetic Energy Calculator widget which helps people in how much kinetic energy they are using through archery and firearm equipment.’s developers have also setup a Kinetic Energy Calculator for your use. Everyone is curious how much kinetic energy your archery or firearm equipment is producing, but the calculations are a little complex at best. No more, now has an easy way to get this information. You plug in the weight of your arrow or bullet, and speed in FPS and with one click you have your kinetic energy.


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Youcalc Helps you Design Away

Written by on June 9, 2011 under News

YoucalcHave you ever found yourself in the middle of trying to figure out what to place on your site? For sure, you will be worried about codes and how it can impact your overall site script. But thanks to widget technology, there is a site that allows you to find your fancy, finding a widget that suits your site with no technical expertise needed.

It is apparent that most people today have found it entirely difficult to find suitable scripts and presentation as far as their site is concerned. As far as elements are concerned, proper positioning and blending of the ideal widget may be a problem. But if you want the fast way towards achieving it, a short visit to Youcalc can surely address your needs and keep your site up without any technical expertise. The only hard part is looking for that widget that you are really looking for.

And now for some shortcomings. While that is the easy part, widget seekers would do best not to expect too much. Considering you did not really invest much effort in developing ideal widgets, you have to make do with the design that they had done. Now that would really be a killer. You just drag and drop them but as far as perfect blending into the site is concerned, expect some issue to come along the way.

“youcalc is a widget gallery, a widget creation tool, and a community of widget users and widget developers. For widget users, youcalc is like most other widget galleries – find a widget that interests you and post it to your blog, your website, you iGoogle, your facebook, etc. It’s a zero-tech, few clicks operation – and it’s entirely free.”


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WordPress Widgets Make Blog Layouting Easier

Written by on April 20, 2011 under News

Wordpress Widgets

For most WordPress users, modifying your usual default theme these days has become easier with the advent of widgets. Before, people had to know at least basic html to modify the layouts that these themes had. Also, for advertisers, to be able to place banner ads, sinking in to the usual page template as the sidebar needs to be opened via the theme editor.

The problem here is once you fail to trace what you were able to tinker around, chances are you may mess up the whole WordPress theme, forcing you to use another them to save the exposure of your blog.

Today, all you have to do is use the text widget, paste the code there and choose the sidebar where you want it to be placed. It is that easy. Save it and you and check out if the placement is good. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

So whenever you are prompted to upgrade, check out the new version and what it carries. The newer version support widget capability and thus eliminates the need to download further plug-ins for WordPress that make your site entirely harder to manage.

There are daily widgets that you can use as well and they come in the form of plug-ins via the WordPress developers. But a word of caution. Try not to overdo it. Too many widgets not only make it harder to manage but make it complicated for you to stabilize as far as ideal design is concerned.

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Widgets can help Cheap Hosting Blogs Fun

Written by on March 26, 2011 under blogs, News

As the daily life runs rapidly that is what happens to the other side of the world, and so with great and busy competition in the internet world. It is almost a race to cut the throat, web hosting at affordable prices, has become a basic need, electronic commerce. This is more important thing on the blogs, who wants to promote their blogs and making use of the cheap hosting available for them. The only good thing today is that there are website or web hosting that ill fit the needs of the small and large companies. There are cheap hosting services that are in words really cheap.

Now the company web access days are separated from the chain’s competitors, there are a lot more of companies offering a lot of space in the field of web hosting, that is why they keep on competing with each other and they will have offers over their competitors on the market. The good thing and also an advantage is that the team that will be handling the web site hosting is open for a technical support and this is 24 hours until up to 7 days a week. It also does not mean a poorly designed website, with the benefits of widgets, a programming application used in web hosting, a website can be fun and interesting while being affordable.

Cheap hosting plays a very important because it promotes or destroys a business out of the blue. That is why choose a suitable web hosting service that is affordable for everyone and to you as well. If making money online with your blogs is in your mind, then you must first consider an assisted service and affordable accommodation for your business. It makes you the choice of services, configurations and options of payment, in short, all the basic needs, you need to start your online business and compete with your competitors.

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The Attractive and Interesting Widgets

Written by on February 25, 2011 under News

Widgets are nothing but a term related to programming and is used with the graphical user interface. You can say that it is an application which can be embedded in a web page and can be run from there. The other forms include gadget, snippet, capsule etc. You can use it either as clock or it can be used as daily weather or many more can be found through the online option. It is just to give you information regarding the concerned widget.

Though you will come across a variety of widgets but desktops ones are known by most of the people.
Such as widgets are for personal use so is personal webhosting service which is meant for your website. You need to take a plan which will go with your website and will get full advantage. There are different kinds of plans offered by companies so choose the most efficient one that is excellent and renders the best result. With online option you can study a few plans and then decide which is more suitable in terms of profit.

Every personal webhosting service that you take has some features along with the price that you have to pay. You can select from the different packages like power package, value package and pro package. The storage space that will be provided in all the above packages will be different so you can order any of it which is appropriate for you. It is all about your convenience and higher performance which you will get from the web hosting.

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Free mobile widgets on blogging sites

Written by on February 16, 2011 under mobile, News

Writing a blog is the best way by which an individual can write down his thoughts, emotions, opinions or even regular day-to-day happenings in their daily life. A blog generally made for everyone to view and comment on it. It is hence the best way by which an individual may gather public opinion on a particular matter. A bog can also contain images or even videos as well as links to make it more lively and interesting.

There are various free sites which allow people or even corporate to create their own blog and write down opinions, ideas as well as share videos and pictures. These sites are generally free and do not cost anything to the blogger. These sites therefore make money from advertising. They also tend to go for cheap web hosting services while deciding upon which company to choose for hosting their site on the World Wide Web. Some of these websites are clever enough to give download links of various mobile widgets in between the blogs that are highly popular nowadays and in turn levy money from the application designer.

When going through a blog you can at times look at these free mobile widgets, as some of them are really cool and useful. Nowadays, there are many cheap web hosting services available worldwide which provide quality service at low rates because they use virtual dedicated servers that provide a good bandwidth and a virtually unlimited storage space. For blogging, sites bandwidth should not be a major issue as compared to the storage space allocated to them because they have to store the records of all the bloggers.

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Characteristics of Best Web Hosting

Written by on January 30, 2011 under News

You might wonder what the characteristics of best web hosting are. Any web hosting company for that matter would offer nice features such as disk space, bandwidth, customer support and uptime to mention a few.

Look for the quality in these features before deciding to buy the web hosting plan for your business. It can be either small business or larger business such as the widget business that would need a good web hosting provider to support it.

All you have to do is search the Internet to find some of the finest web hosting providers that are popular too among people worldwide. You can identify them easily by reading web hosting reviews across the Internet. Once you read these reviews you can easily pick the best web hosting provider or company based on the authenticity of the reviews.

Best web hosting provider is characterized by the presence of all the features mentioned above. It is qualified by a 24×7 support when it comes to customer service. The support extended by the provider is through email and phone and is dependable and highly reliable. In fact it is no hyperbole that 24×7 customer online support is the highlight of an able web hosting provider.

An acceptable disk space and bandwidth are must for any good web hosting company to provide their customers with. Customers would be happy to find their websites very rarely going down due to server problem or any other problem for that matter. Hence the feature of uptime is very important in determining the quality of a web hosting company.

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Widgets Load and Overload

Written by on January 21, 2011 under News


Being crazy about widgets is only normal but there is such a thing as overdoing it. In most cases, it would be best to rationalize and determine what widgets you will really need rather than installing and getting them just because you want easier reference points to news, programs and sites.

Further, a large number of widgets can really slow down a site. Remember, you are getting feeds and data from a certain website, and depending on the frequency of update/s, it can really be a heavy load on your desktop or your site. Some people will not care but once you notice the decline in speed, chances are that is the only time you would wise up and take action.

No one is stopping people from getting as many widgets as they can. However, limits and understanding the point to which widgets should be used is a responsibility that perhaps only a wise user would have control over with. In fact, a user would know the limits of his site or desktop but apparently at times, it can only be addressed once inconvenient connections start setting in.

So in a manner of speaking, you are overloading your desktop with widgets and the only way to be able to address it is limiting the widgets based on what you really need. For some it would be a problem but in its entirety, it is useless to have standby widgets if you eventually forget what they are really for.

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Widgets are Obese

Written by on December 30, 2010 under News, Software


Widgets are supposed to make life easier for the visits you get. However, as a site owner, you may notice that time it takes to load a page. It is a discomfort to which you can really do without but if you think of it, it all comes to a point on whether you have to look out for the welfare of your visitors or for your site as an ideal place to land in.

Much of it is blamed on the codes to make these widgets happen. They are long codes that can really take a lifetime to load if they are not properly made. On the outside, it may seem that the external features are ideal enough to attract readers who may go as far as subscribing to your site. But internally, people could care less of your problem and if the time comes your page would load like in a million years, chances are you would lose these subscribers eventually.

So what is a website owner to do? Does he continue to use widgets or resort to something else? Realistically, there are some people who have done away with widgets. Some have lessened the widgets to be placed. Either way, you must consider the refresh rate of your page and while you want to explain the reason behind it, don’t expect visitors to be understanding.

Widgets are indeed innovations. But as far as improvement is concerned, a lot has to be done to make them suit the websites where they will be placed.


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NTT-Sponsored Android Apps Site Soon to Open in Japan

Written by on December 22, 2010 under mobile, News

androidAre you still one of those who doubt that phones running on the Android operating system are becoming more and more prevalent? If so, I urge you to think again. Practically everyone – except Steve Jobs and his crew, probably – is jumping into the Android bandwagon.

Does the name NTT Communications ring a bell? Well, it’s only one of the largest names in the worldwide telecommunications industry, and yesterday, they announced the launch of a new service soon to be available in Japan: appliko. This site is going to feature apps specifically for Android smartphones and will target women in particular. The project is being carried out together with Index Corporation.

NTT Communications has been expanding its operations aggressively in the past year and has added a lot of services on top of already existing ones: data center services, content delivery, global network services, phone and VOIP, and so on.

With this new online market, Japanese smartphone users will be able to access more Android apps in the near future. NTT Communications and Index Corporation will be developing apps themselves, while at the same encouraging other developers to come with with their own apps. Support will be provided to these developers and competitions will be held to stimulate the development of quality apps.

For now, the site remains closed to the public, but reviews are going to be available – some 2,000 of them – by the end of March 2011. By the next month, the site should be fully up and running, ready for sales.

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