Malware Attack Through Mobile Devices

Written by on December 28, 2011 under mobile

As we say goodbye to the current year, we are unable to bid farewell as well to the destructive and malicious malware that made their mark.  We are expecting to have malware with the same underlying platform which are made by attacking other vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the system.  Attacks through mobile devices commonly used by people easily come to mind.

Vulnerabilities and weaknesses are usually exposed by users themselves when they abandon all security concerns in their daily activities.  Many people will not think twice of revealing personal information on popular social media platforms without realizing that it is almost equivalent to personally delivering critical information to cyber criminals.  The usual targets of this type of threat are the people surrounding a person of authority or having privileged access status in a company or organization.  The information obtained can be used to come up with a probable profile of the real target, knowing the inclination of most people to use passwords related to persons, places,  and dates important to them.

The wide availability of mobile devices in the hands of people contribute to the vulnerability of the whole security system.  These devices are riddled with apps that although are useful, increases the chance of bringing in malware.  Anything and everything can be transformed into digital form making it easy to penetrate security protection that are in place.  Global systematic linking between financial institutions opens up the system of every participating bank or enterprise to threats that can easily spread out to the rest.  Threats from insiders are as deadly, if not deadlier than external threats because of the big risk in having critical information fall into the wrong hands of people who are expected to work in the best interest of the company.  In the face of all these threats, people have to strengthen their defenses even while enjoying mobility at its finest.

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Free mobile widgets on blogging sites

Written by on February 16, 2011 under mobile, News

Writing a blog is the best way by which an individual can write down his thoughts, emotions, opinions or even regular day-to-day happenings in their daily life. A blog generally made for everyone to view and comment on it. It is hence the best way by which an individual may gather public opinion on a particular matter. A bog can also contain images or even videos as well as links to make it more lively and interesting.

There are various free sites which allow people or even corporate to create their own blog and write down opinions, ideas as well as share videos and pictures. These sites are generally free and do not cost anything to the blogger. These sites therefore make money from advertising. They also tend to go for cheap web hosting services while deciding upon which company to choose for hosting their site on the World Wide Web. Some of these websites are clever enough to give download links of various mobile widgets in between the blogs that are highly popular nowadays and in turn levy money from the application designer.

When going through a blog you can at times look at these free mobile widgets, as some of them are really cool and useful. Nowadays, there are many cheap web hosting services available worldwide which provide quality service at low rates because they use virtual dedicated servers that provide a good bandwidth and a virtually unlimited storage space. For blogging, sites bandwidth should not be a major issue as compared to the storage space allocated to them because they have to store the records of all the bloggers.

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NTT-Sponsored Android Apps Site Soon to Open in Japan

Written by on December 22, 2010 under mobile, News

androidAre you still one of those who doubt that phones running on the Android operating system are becoming more and more prevalent? If so, I urge you to think again. Practically everyone – except Steve Jobs and his crew, probably – is jumping into the Android bandwagon.

Does the name NTT Communications ring a bell? Well, it’s only one of the largest names in the worldwide telecommunications industry, and yesterday, they announced the launch of a new service soon to be available in Japan: appliko. This site is going to feature apps specifically for Android smartphones and will target women in particular. The project is being carried out together with Index Corporation.

NTT Communications has been expanding its operations aggressively in the past year and has added a lot of services on top of already existing ones: data center services, content delivery, global network services, phone and VOIP, and so on.

With this new online market, Japanese smartphone users will be able to access more Android apps in the near future. NTT Communications and Index Corporation will be developing apps themselves, while at the same encouraging other developers to come with with their own apps. Support will be provided to these developers and competitions will be held to stimulate the development of quality apps.

For now, the site remains closed to the public, but reviews are going to be available – some 2,000 of them – by the end of March 2011. By the next month, the site should be fully up and running, ready for sales.

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Google Buzz Widget For Android Phones

Written by on March 25, 2010 under mobile, Widgets

Google Buzz has been active for quite some time now, and yet it seems to me that it isn’t buzzing as much as some people thought it would. Perhaps it just needs to grow on more people. Perhaps they need to add features and update the service. Whatever the reason is, all I know is that I only have a few friends using Google Buzz and many still prefer to use the tried and tested (and sometimes irritating) Facebook.

If you have an Android phone, though, and you are liking Google Buzz (I actually do like it, to be honest with you), you might want to know that there is a widget that will help you use Google Buzz more easily. I am still wanting a Google Nexus One phone, but only God knows when that is going to happen. I did have a chance to play with one – a friend is lucky enough to have the means to purchase one immediately – and I have to say that it rocks!

Anyway, so what’s the buzz about the Google Buzz widget for Android phones? For one, it lets you post text with a single tap! Not only that, you can upload photos with the same amount of effort. Pretty neat for lazy people, huh? More so, the app has the capability of working in the background, allowing you to do other stuff (PLAY) on your phone while it uploads whatever you want. Those of you with Android phones – here’s your chance to play!

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New Business Widgets From WorkLight

Written by on July 19, 2009 under Facebook, mobile, Software, Twitter, Widgets

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have taken the world by storm. Even people who do not usually spend a lot of time online find themselves doing so because of these platforms. Businesses have also realized the potential of these platforms, and software developers are capitalizing on this. As such, we get to see all these new platforms advertising themselves as the “Facebook of business” or the “Twitter of business.”

WorkLight is a company which develops various social networking software, much like other software companies out there. However, unlike the “Facebook of business” companies, WorkLight takes on a slightly difference approach. Instead of creating whole new platforms and selling them as the “[place popular social networking platform here] of business,” WorkLight is bringing their widgets to the existing popular platforms.

WorkLight specializes in business applications which can be used for online banking, travel management, and other basic collaboration tasks. The good thing is that the applications can be published in various platforms such as Facebook, iGoogle, iPhone (yep!), and blogs. To date, WorkLight is working in collaboration with 17 consumer channels. This means that anyone who uses a widget that WorkLight has created can publish it easily to those channels.

The main advantage of this idea is that businesses need not spend a lot of money on developing widgets for different platforms. They only have to invest on a single application and then simply publish to the relevant platforms wherein the business may already have an established presence.

For more information on WorkLight, visit their web site here.

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Samsung Innovation Quest 2009

Written by on June 30, 2009 under mobile, News, Widgets

This post is for web developers and other individuals who are interested in making use of their spare time and having fun while at it. Samsung has fast made a name for itself in the mobile phone arena, and has consistently provided users with great options. One of the things that mobile phone users look forward to is the release of new widgets, which make the phone experience all the more interesting and useful.

This year, Samsung is encouraging the creation of new widgets with Innovation Quest. Also known as SIQ or Samsung IQ, the event this year is focusing largely on the GT-i8910 home screen. The competition is being co-sponsored by The Symbian Foundation.

Those who will be joining the competition are in for an exciting event for sure. More than simply being participants and coming up with something new, contestants are going to be equipped with a lot of tools and resources, which the sponsors are providing. For example, a series of technical papers on widgets for mobile purposes is to be made available.

If you are worried that you are not an expert and you merely like to dabble with software development, you should rest easy. The event is meant for the expert as well as the novice.

At the end of the competition, the SIQ winner will take home around $25,000 and the potential income from the sales of the winning widget. Register at Samsung Mobile Innovator to join now. Deadline is 14 August, so it’s not too late!

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More Widgets For The Samsung Omnia

Written by on March 15, 2009 under mobile, News, Software, Widgets

Samsung Corporation Displays Newest Omnia Mobile Phone at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
When the Samsung Omnia came out, it was touted as one of the iPod killers. At that time, I was pretty skeptical. After all, it is very hard to overcome the hype that Apple products always come with. Months down the road, it seems that the Omnia is living up to the expectations of its fans.

For those of you who have a Samsung Omnia, one of the things that you might have noticed missing is the capability for lotsa widgets. I can imagine how frustrating this could be. I may not have a Samsung Omnia but I do know how cool widgets for mobile phones are and as cool as an Omnia can be, it just doesn’t live up to its potential if it does not have widgets.

So here’s the good news – Samsung has recently released a new ROM, which includes new widgets. The ROM was only released on the 11th of March and is still in the beta version. From what I hear, some of the widgets that are already active include a stocks widget, a news widget, a weather widget, and a Google and Yahoo search widget. There is also a section for “more widgets,” but unfortunately, it is not functional as of yet. And that is why perhaps some people are waiting for the more stable version of the ROM to come out before downloading it. If I had the Omnia, though, I would download the beta version and find out for myself.

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Valentines Day Widgets

Written by on February 14, 2009 under mobile, Widgets

What are your plans for tonight? If you are a fan of the day of love, then I suppose that you had made plans weeks ago. If you are like me, though, your idea of a romantic Valentines Day may be limited to a nice steak meal and some Valentines themed posts and widgets. If you are liking the latter idea, then here are a couple of interesting widgets that will help you share the love today.

The I Love You Widget
Scared of actually saying the three words out loud? Why not make the Internet do the work for you? Get the I Love You Widget here and post it wherever you think it should be posted. I was thinking that it would look good in any blog and that it would definitely be perfect for the weekend. It does not really do much – it’s just a bunch of cute letters and a heart floating above the clouds – but if cute is what you’re going for, then this would work perfectly. This widget can be posted in a blog, a web site, your desktop, or even your phone.

Love E-cards
I love e-cards, who doesn’t? They are perfect for any occasion and you get to save some trees while at it! This widget is not new but it is perfect for Valentines weekend. You are sure to get a lot of hits as I can just imagine the large number of people trying to send love e-cards at the last minute.

Happy Valentines!

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Up For Grabs: Widget Competition

Written by on February 7, 2009 under mobile, News, Widgets

V8 Supercars Grand Finale - Race 2 & 3
Do you know how to create widgets? Is this something that you like doing in your spare time? Are you frustrated with the available widgets in the market and you think that you have a better idea?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then you might want to consider joining Vodafone’s latest stunt – a widget making competition. Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications company in Europe today and they have launched the competition to invite developers to outdo themselves and each other in creating mobile widgets that just might be the hottest downloads in the near future.

In order to be the winner, you have to wow the judges in several areas: usability, innovation, and value to users. So no cool but hard to use widgets – neither should you create something useful but something “old.” This competition will surely require radical thinking and hip encoding in order for the developers to gain a competitive edge.

Not that there is going to be a lack of entries, I think. What with more and more people using mobile phones which have access to the Internet, the need for a wide array of widgets is even more imminent. I am quite certain, actually, that a lot of ideas have been brewing in countless techie minds across the globe. This competition is only one way of giving them a venue.

Oh, have I mentioned the prize? Up for grabs is £20,000 This is more than enough incentive huh?

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Widget Apps In The Future For Java Mobile

Written by on January 27, 2009 under mobile, Widgets

Widget Apps In The Future For Java Mobile I went to the mall yesterday and was overwhelmed by the number of new gadgets on display in all the stores. Everywhere I looked, I saw phones – smart phones galore. I couldn’t help myself – I had to get one and immediately played with it the moment I got home. I am quite happy with it as it is everything. I did notice one thing, though – there seems to be a lack of widgets.

That is why I was quite happy to read about the latest thing that the guys at Java are working on. According to reports, Sun Microsystems, the company behind Java, is working on two specific technologies that are aimed towards the mobile market. This is what Computer World has reported:

Sun Microsystems is readying two technologies to better enable the mobile trend: Java On Device Portal (ODP), for widget applications, and the JavaFX Mobile runtime, due next month as part of the JavaFX rich Internet application platform.

“[ODP] has two primary functions,” said Eric Klein, Sun vice president of Java marketing. “The first function is to make it easier for Java developers to quickly create these small widget applications using a consistent framework, and the second part is an on-device portal that lets that widget appear and be dynamically delivered.”

How long do we have to wait till we actually get our hands on the technology? They are due to unveil JavaFX Mobile in February during the Mobile World Conference. ODP is up and running and they expect some carriers to be offering this in the very near future.

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