When Twitter And Gaming Collide

Written by on May 9, 2009 under Games, News, Twitter, Widgets

One of the main goals of widgets is to make various platforms accessible to users. Widgets bring together these platforms, making it much easier to share information with other people. And this is exactly what PlayXpert had in mind when they came up with the idea of the PlayXpert Twitter Widget.

CNET reports:

Combining two of the most addictive things about the online universe—Twitter and World of Warcraft—seems like a good way to bring productivity in the Western world to a screeching halt.

If that happens, you can blame PlayXpert, a maker of various in-game widgets for PC gamers. The company today announced the PlayXpert Twitter Widget, adding Twitter functionality to the existing PlayXpert software, which works with WoW and other online PC games.

In-game widget engines such as PlayXpert (which bills itself as an “in-game operating system”) run alongside PC games, offering voice chat, Web browsing, and other tools for players, without the need to quit or ATL+TAB out of the game to launch another app (popular examples include Xfire and Steam).

“A screeching halt” is but an understatement, I think. Having personal experience with both Twitter and World of Warcraft, I am pretty sure that a large number of people will get hooked even more. And you know what the best thing about this new widget is? You can download it for free – along with other widgets – at PlayXpert’s web site.

I can now see critics (of spending too much time playing games) shaking their heads right now.

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Wowzio For the Blogger’s Edge

Written by on December 20, 2008 under Games, News, Software


One thing that provides edge towards blogs these days is the proper selection of widgets to use on their site. There are millions of widgets available online these days and apparently it all depends on which widget element is truly fitting for blogs that aim to give better projection and easier navigation.

Widgets are a blogger’s friend when it comes to making their site more appealing. Ranging from simple to complex widgets, it all boils down on how these widgets can be able to entertain and assist visitors on the site.

These include a Gallery Widget that automatically finds all the pictures on your blog and then builds a photo gallery using them. In addition to that, each photo title links to the relevant post. The advantages of such a widget are evident. Not only does it entail a new discovery mechanism for readers to use, it also makes for simple syndication of your photos and increased online distribution.

Other widgets that merit a mention include a Panoramic Slideshow Widget and a Live Activity Widget that displays a list of the latest visitors to your blog in real time. This includes useful information such as what specific post they are reading and where they came from.

So if you want to check out new widgets in the market, check out Wowzio. This site may contain the much longed for widgets you are looking for.


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Cases of Missing Applications on Facebook

Written by on October 31, 2008 under Facebook, Games

One thing about Facebook is that you can never get too much of one application. Thanks to the developers, the preference of applications to use has become rampant and from all indications, you may find yourself loaded with application widgets which you can also bookmark thanks to their new bottom sidebar.

But the sidebar can only carry so much, 5 applications at the most. At some point, you may have to ignore some applications since it cannot carry the load. Add to the fact that too much applications may become a load on your browsing, a prime reason perhaps as to why there are connection glitches at times. You can just call yourself unlucky if you are in the middle of a game application like Wrestler and then all hell breaks loose.

Another thing that may perhaps capture the ire of most Facebook subscribers is that of the ever changing face of applications and that of Facebook’s main page. While constant change for improvement is a given, it can also be annoying. Rearranging the initial setup can be totally discerning and while you want to air your side on this matter, you just have to consider the fact that it is all for easier interface.

So if in case you are missing some applications, take a second look. They are most probably around but you seem to have overlooked them due to new designs and setups. It is a pain at first but just like your first sign-up with Facebook, it is all about getting used to it.



Dr. Jukka Offers New Free Widget Games

Written by on October 22, 2008 under Games, News

Dr. Jukka

Bored with your phone in some place waiting for a friend or perhaps an appointment with your doctor? Well take out that gadget of yours and find a game to keep you occupied. Don’t waste your time moping or even get irritated by the long wait. Try and do something to keep yourself busy.

Tired of the same old games? No sweat. Dr. Jukka has placed fifty S60 WRT games at his website which you can download for free. Made of mini-games and puzzles, you are bound to find a bunch of them worthy to be downloaded and installed on your phone.

This has been a trend these days. Downloading programs and games towards your phone has really been something to consider. But considering that some sites may be hazardous and may even infect your phone, check out this one from Dr. Jukka which were made from freely available java-script versions.


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Widget Games for Site Entertainment

Written by on August 25, 2008 under Games, Software

If you are a constant follower of the classic games such as Super Mario, then you can rekindle those old times through widgets. Yes you can download and even install them at your site, playing the same way that you did with your old Family Computer. But don’t expect the resolution to be as clear as the ones you have on television though. Widgets still have some shortcomings and apparently considerations such as connection speed still play a vital role in determining how well you can access games through widgets.

Now aside from the famed Super Mario game from Nintendo, you are bound to see a whole lot more of game widgets. You can download these widgets and install it at your site and before you know it, a lot of visitors may be frequenting your site to play the eternal popular game that had them glued to their TV sets.

However, just be sure your bandwidth can handle it. One thing about websites, if they are slow to refresh, visitors may not wait until the whole page shows. Among them would include the widget which eventually becomes part of the website once you install it.

That is perhaps the downside of using too much widgets on your site as optimization issues may arise. It would be advisable to check it out first and see if it does have an impact. If so, better pass it up and just play it from the site where you got it or refer visitors to it. A good deed for you by any means.

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Interacting with TypePad Blogging

Written by on March 1, 2008 under Games, Software

Blogging may sound too technical for some but it is really an off-shoot of the normal word processing software such as Microsoft Word where commands and formatting have similarities. The usual formatting to be able to produce proper presentation and appealing compositions are critical to complement with the expected content groomed to be patronized by people who are fond of reading such blogs spread over the web.

Composing Blogs

The preference for blogging software in use for people who look towards using the easiest and best software have turned to TypePad as of late. Blogging has become a pastime for most people today. To be among the people who want to be in with the times, the best software available and used today such as TypePad has been the obvious choice. It will all boil down to how people would get access and get the opportunity to use them at any site possible including theirs.

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News Feed Widgets: Keeping Track of Current Events

Written by on December 16, 2007 under Games, Software

Everyone in the world, including the people who browse the web and have the knack of seeing what is new, particularly in blog sites, would want to verify and be up to date with the latest happenings in their area and the world. News feeds through widgets is also a good way to help people verify posts that may be related to the latest news events, something that changes as each day passes.

Newfeed Widgets

Widget news feeds such as Meet the Press, Dateline NBC and Register News Feed are some of the possible widgets a person may consider placing on their site. Each would receive the feeds and help people get their desired update on the area of concern regarding world events.

News feed widgets are a good add-on. Ideally, most blog posts would have something to do with current events hence making people want to verify for themselves on reports and news flashes. Hence, why should a person have to navigate away from the page when they can access it through the available widgets present?

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The Presence of Wink Widget Portals in Blogs

Written by on March 5, 2007 under Games, Software

Socializing networks today are no longer limited to having to go to the actual websites such as Friendster, MySpace and Hi-5. With the Wink Widget, viewers can now have the option to look and even search for profiles of people who may be of interest to them. Locating people and trying to meet new ones is one of the many things that the Internet has.

Wink Widgets

Such a demand has been addressed by most online observers and from what it is worth, studying and determining ways to bring such socializing network businesses to the online individuals is something that will surely solicit good business if done and targeted properly to its catered market.

There are a whole lot more social networks to choose from which would lead to dating and perhaps more serious ties. But it all needs a good start and with Wink Widgets, it may ignite a whole new meaning towards Internet relationships if given the chance. And it all starts from one widget of some blog site.

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Criteo Offers Related Links to Blog Entries

Written by on February 21, 2007 under Games, Software

For people in search of various information and related content, Criteo Autoroll provides such a feature where visitors will be given related blog rolls to which they can also verify and check similar topics of interest. The need to make multiple searches on one topic has been a given. There are people who are not immediately satisfied with one site?s content.

Related Links and Blogs

This totally lies in the probable need for verification and major points to be consolidated as one. Bloggers are sure to have different opinions with regards to one aspect. It is thus best to think ahead and provide such an option of checking out related links on the blog site so that the need to navigate away from the page or open a new browser can be avoided.

Such a feature is something that visitors will surely appreciate. For one, it lessens the need to think and make further steps in getting to the bottom of what they are really after on the web.

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Improving Blogs through Unique WordPress Theme Templates

Written by on January 8, 2007 under Games

Again, content allow would need a partner to become a favorite among the sites visited by most people, and design and presentation is one that racks in visitors to religiously follow them. Themes provide the necessary aura that makes them worth the time to visit, although this is only a minimal impact towards potential visitors.

While some may consider changing the overall layout as secondary, the impact from these uniquely designed themes are really a known part for complementing the content specializing in a various field. Probloggers who would professionalize in blogging would use these themes as a certain value add-on for people who buy blogs that are well-maintained and optimized.

WordPress Themes

Most blogs are run through Word Press, and while WordPress offers the usual default themes to help in the overall presentation, there have been various talented people who have studied and developed new themes for people to use. There are a lot of themes where people can find other designs such as:

Alex King?s Theme Directory
Template Monster Paid Themes

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