Get a Facebook Badge

Written by on July 31, 2013 under Facebook

People who are into maximizing the potentials of Facebook should look into its Facebook Badge option. There are four kinds of badges to choose from, each providing a different kind of information. Users can opt for the Profile Badge, Photo Badge, Like Badge, and Page Badge.




Facebook Profile Badge

The Facebook Profile badge facilitates sharing of your information in other websites. It basically contains information like your name, place, school, your favorite movies, music, and the like. It essentially provides a sneak preview of the person behind the user name.


Facebook Like Badge

The Facebook Like badge shows off your favorite pages on your website or blog. This is a way to highlight the pages which you want to be given extra attention. It is also a reflection of the personal likes of a Facebook user as seen through the kind of pages liked.


Facebook Photo Badge

The Facebook Photo badge allows users to share their Facebook photos to other websites. People are especially keen on sharing every special moment they have captured in pictures at once. This badge will let you do just that.


Facebook Page Badge

The Facebook Page badge makes it possible to share your Facebook Page information on other websites. Nothing is too inconsequential to share nowadays. If you would want the information contained in your Facebook Page to be seen elsewhere as well for better exposure, then this is the perfect badge for you.


The Logic of Placing Facebook Badges

Facebook badges have been developed to make it easy and convenient for users to share information and photos which they wish to be out there where the public can see it. Business Facebook users have much to gain from this option although personal users are certainly not quite far behind in harnessing the advantages it offers. Everything that needs to be shared is just a click away.


Caveats in Facebook Use

Although uploading and sharing information over Facebook has been been made very easy, users must understand that removing what has already been uploaded and shared through the platform may be impossible to do. This should give Facebook users every reason to think before clicking these badges. These badges have their purpose and making your life miserable shouldn’t be part of it.

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Social Media and Society

Written by on February 1, 2012 under Facebook, Twitter


Social Media platforms are showing just how much people want to communicate with others, whether known or unknown. People are now able to freely communicate with each other without being constrained by time and place.  New social relationships are quickly developed while existing ones are reinforced by the availability of a means of communication.

It is an understatement to say that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have made their mark in society.  People are now finding more new friends through this venue compared to the traditional way of being introduced personally.  The primary reason why this set-up appears to work for most is the perennial lack of time to interact socially in the more conventional manner. 

Social media use has made it possible for physically-challenged or disabled people to communicate. People can now form groups based on similar interests without having to physically assemble which is usually difficult to do with the busy schedules of most working professionals.  Knowledge and information can be obtained from communicating with other people.

Like in all good things, there will always be disadvantages.  The threat to privacy is very real with most participants not realizing enough that some information meant for consumption of close friends and family are actually out into the open for everybody to see.  With the current revelations about privacy intrusion among members of different social media platforms, it can be surmised that absolute and full control over provided personal information is not possible.  Many members have learned the hard way that there are risks in relying solely on security features that can be violated at will by determined offenders.

At the end of the day, we should know that there are still some things best kept to ourselves or at least revealed personally to only those who need to know.



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Implications of Facebook Statistics

Written by on November 22, 2011 under Facebook

Facebook Statistics show that it has more than 800 million active users and at least half of these active users log on in any given day.  With an average count of 130 friends per user, we can just imagine the far reaching implications of these numbers as applied to personal and business lives.  For a site that did not even register among the top ten barely four years ago, it is now the most used social networking service worldwide.

Aside from being good for the site itself, the popularity of Facebook can be harnessed towards the good of its user as well.  The use of social media is inescapable and it is a mistake not to use its features where they are applicable.  The provided platform is not merely confined to finding friends but allows for the performance of other activities such as searching for information, playing games, or finding the best deals and offers. 

A Facebook user soon finds out for himself the influence wielded by a comment or preference expressed through the site.  A single commending remark for a product or service can have as much effect as a single derogatory remark.  At this time and age, anything that goes viral has the potential to either build or destroy personalities,products, and businesses in the shortest time possible. 

The statistical numbers are still growing and so are the implications.  As the Nielsen’s Social Media Report indicates, Facebook has three times the audience share of its closest competitor representing almost 70% reach of active Internet users in the US.  Depending on one’s main goal in using social media, Facebook represents unlimited possibilities, at least until competition has not caught up with it.


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Get Your Hands On New Twitter Goodies

Written by on November 13, 2009 under Facebook, Twitter, Widgets

twitterAre you one of us? Those who tweet on a regular basis, that is. If you have not discovered Twitter yet, then it’s about time! Once you try it out, you’ll find yourself tweeting non-stop. Ask anyone who uses it and you’ll hear the same words.

Anyhow, Twitter has just released a new widget on its Goodies page. If you log on to the platform, you can find the link to this page at the bottom of the home page. The new widget basically allows Twitter users to display their tweets on another web site or blog. It also is compatible with the more popular social networking web sites such as Facebook and MySpace. With this widget, you do not need to copy paste your tweets to change your status!

There are currently four different kinds of widgets which you can from. These are Profile, Search, Faves, and List. Naturally, to make it easy on the users, Twitter provides the codes that you will need to embed in your site of choice. Everything will be done automatically, so you just need to do whatever it is you do with Twitter and the changes will be reflected on the web site.

You may also tweak the widget. For example, you can choose the settings for the frequency of refreshing. You can also choose the specific information that you want to show on your web site. Another important tweak is the ability to resize the widget so as to fit your site properly. Go get the widget now!

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Show Off With The New PokerDIY Widget

Written by on September 9, 2009 under blogs, Facebook, News, Software, Widgets

Poker has become a huge thing in the recent years. Perhaps it is due to the immense exposure that it has enjoyed, thanks to celebrities playing poker and to poker players becoming celebrities themselves. I’d like to think, though, that poker is such an exciting and challenging game that this popularity couldn’t be helped – exposure or not.

In any case, it is quite common for people to create their own poker leagues these days. Bars hold their own tournaments even. If you have a poker league or tournament of your own, you might want to check out the widget from PokerDIY, which is a web site that connects poker players from all over the world. The people behind PokerDIY describe their baby as a “lovechild of the union between a social network for poker players and online poker league software.” Basically, through the web site, poker enthusiasts can find likeminded people and join existing home games or tourneys or invite others to join their home game or tourney. Of course, there are other tools available on the web site, such as forums and poker-related software.

This brings us to the poker widget that they are currently promoting. The widget basically allows a user to show off poker tournament statuses and scores on any web site and Facebook. Other information such as statistics can also be shown through the widget. The best thing about the widget is that it is FREE for use!

If you are already using PokerDIY, go ahead and grab the widget code. If you’re still looking for a good poker league management tool, go visit PokerDIY now and see how it can work for you.

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New Business Widgets From WorkLight

Written by on July 19, 2009 under Facebook, mobile, Software, Twitter, Widgets

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have taken the world by storm. Even people who do not usually spend a lot of time online find themselves doing so because of these platforms. Businesses have also realized the potential of these platforms, and software developers are capitalizing on this. As such, we get to see all these new platforms advertising themselves as the “Facebook of business” or the “Twitter of business.”

WorkLight is a company which develops various social networking software, much like other software companies out there. However, unlike the “Facebook of business” companies, WorkLight takes on a slightly difference approach. Instead of creating whole new platforms and selling them as the “[place popular social networking platform here] of business,” WorkLight is bringing their widgets to the existing popular platforms.

WorkLight specializes in business applications which can be used for online banking, travel management, and other basic collaboration tasks. The good thing is that the applications can be published in various platforms such as Facebook, iGoogle, iPhone (yep!), and blogs. To date, WorkLight is working in collaboration with 17 consumer channels. This means that anyone who uses a widget that WorkLight has created can publish it easily to those channels.

The main advantage of this idea is that businesses need not spend a lot of money on developing widgets for different platforms. They only have to invest on a single application and then simply publish to the relevant platforms wherein the business may already have an established presence.

For more information on WorkLight, visit their web site here.

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Traffic Widget From TomTom

Written by on March 14, 2009 under Facebook, Software, Widgets

Cars Stopped in Rush Hour Traffic
Who doesn’t hate being stuck in the middle of traffic? I know I do. Just last Friday, I found myself wasting about an hour sitting in the car, waiting for Friday night traffic to let up so I could get to my destination. Friday nights is really one of the worst times to go out. Everyone and their moms seems to need to be somewhere in a real hurry and the city streets are just so full of people trying to be ahead of one another.

While widgets will not probably physically get rid of all the cars on the road, having a widget to at least know the conditions on the road will be quite helpful. At least, if you know just how bad the traffic is, you can find an alternative route or stay where you are till the conditions get better.

And that’s what the TomTom HD Traffic Widget can do for you. This Traffic Widget is compatible with some of the most popular sites that we use on a constant basis – Facebook, iGoogle, and Bebo. It offers real time information on traffic. It also offers customization – you can indicate a particular place and monitor the traffic in and around that area. Using this customization feature, the TomTom widget can also calculate the additional time that it will take you to travel from one point to another, based on the current traffic situation. The widget constantly refreshes itself, giving you only the most up to date information.

And the best thing about it? It can be downloaded for free!

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Cases of Missing Applications on Facebook

Written by on October 31, 2008 under Facebook, Games

One thing about Facebook is that you can never get too much of one application. Thanks to the developers, the preference of applications to use has become rampant and from all indications, you may find yourself loaded with application widgets which you can also bookmark thanks to their new bottom sidebar.

But the sidebar can only carry so much, 5 applications at the most. At some point, you may have to ignore some applications since it cannot carry the load. Add to the fact that too much applications may become a load on your browsing, a prime reason perhaps as to why there are connection glitches at times. You can just call yourself unlucky if you are in the middle of a game application like Wrestler and then all hell breaks loose.

Another thing that may perhaps capture the ire of most Facebook subscribers is that of the ever changing face of applications and that of Facebook’s main page. While constant change for improvement is a given, it can also be annoying. Rearranging the initial setup can be totally discerning and while you want to air your side on this matter, you just have to consider the fact that it is all for easier interface.

So if in case you are missing some applications, take a second look. They are most probably around but you seem to have overlooked them due to new designs and setups. It is a pain at first but just like your first sign-up with Facebook, it is all about getting used to it.



Even Obama is Facebooking

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We have seen a wide array of political advertising and should you come across them when you open your Facebook account, don’t be surprised to see Barack Obama leading the charge.

It seems that Obama has not forgotten about the fruits of technology. Certainly, addressing all the mediums of making sure that he establishes familiarity for people in all forms of advertising seems to be taken word for word. He has invest largely in everything starting from television to online advertising. With that said, what is stopping him from taking part of advertising on one of the popular and fastest growing social networking sites today?

For his efforts, we have been hearing that Obama is comfortably ahead. Rightfully so thanks to his aggressive advertising campaigns. They are costly and one has to wonder where Obama got all these funds in making sure he gets a steady margin as far as winning the elections.

The results are imminent although not lopsided. Anything can happen before the elections. But in all races and mediums, Obama has indeed covered all bases. So if you hear the name of Obama, it is not strange anymore anywhere in the world. With all the investment he has poured into his campaign, he has indeed pulled out all the stops.

As far as his opponent is concerned, John McCain is sure to follow. He has done son from the other modes of advertising so why not now? It’s really a mad race for the presidency and surely, it will be a close one although Obama seems to have the inside track.


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