Comment Widgets for Blogs

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One of the most active sources on interaction between a blogger and his audience is the comment box. Readers cannot comment without an installed widget. Bloggers are losing the chance to hear what other people are saying about their blogs if they choose not to put one.



It is said that if a blogger wants to know exactly what his audience is thinking, he or she should provide an easy way of commenting. However, a comments widget will need to be installed to allow this option. This is really a small thing to do to get the big advantage of gaining insights from both positive and negative comments.

Things to Consider in Putting the Comments Widget

1. Go for the moderation option.

Comment moderation is important to keep the blog in order. Moderation provides owners of blogs the power not to publish highly offensive comments that will not serve any purpose but to incite negative emotions. It should be noted that comments that go against the view of the writer but is written in a respectful manner is not considered offensive. Therefore, they deserve to be published and talked about.

2.Go for spam filtering.

To avoid being flooded by spam comments, it is best to choose an option that will provide filtering of comments of such nature. Having the option to delete spam comments that manage to go through spam detection is preferred.

3. Provide the option to follow comment response.

Some readers who leave comments are interested in reading responses of blog owners. Provide this option to them. This will help to keep the conversation going.

4. Consider the Recent Comments Widget.

This will display the most recent comments received by the blog. Having this on the blog’s sidebar encourages readers to leave comments. It will show how active the interaction is in the blog.

5. Consider a plugin that allows commenters to include the url of their latest post.

Nothing encourages comments more than the chance to promote a recent post especially if both blogs are of the same niche. It also helps provide information on the people behind the comments. Blog owners however must look into embedded links contained in the comment.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.

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The 404 Widget – Helping Blog Visitors Find Their Way

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When we see the 404 or “Not Found” Error message during the course of online browsing and surfing, we are sometimes taken aback in thinking about what it means. It is  actually an HTTP standard response code representing the failure to communicate with the server. Placing the 404 widget on a site or blog will help visitors find their way.

Image: Darksair’s photostream 


What Causes 404?

The appearance of the 404 page means that the server was found but it was not able to retrieve the requested pages. It is possible therefore that the requested page may be available in another time although there is no assurance of this. This often results when a page has been removed or deleted or an url has been wrongly typed.

A 404 page occurs because of broken links. These broken links have to be found and addressed accordingly. Broken links can occur from within the site or another site that links to the site displaying 404.


Making the 404 Page Useful

The 404 Page is probably the most neglected part of a site or a blog. Although no one would be really interested in specifically searching for a 404 page, it makes sense to make the page useful in as much as there will be errors bound to occur somewhere along the line.

Many websites have used their creativity to make use of what would be otherwise an unwelcome page for users to see. Conducting searches and ending up with 404 pages can be very frustrating. A 404 Page that shows the way is a positive way of addressing an undesirable error.

To be more useful , the 404 page may contain more than the usual message that the requested page cannot be found. Site owners should consider including a search box to help visitors find what they are looking for. With a little creativity, 404 pages can contain a simple projection of a site’s unique personality through graphics and witty text.


404 Widget

The additional information found on the 404 page can be put in place through 404 widgets such as links that point to the right direction. A snippet of code can also be added to serve a specific function. In some countries fake 404 errors are actually a form of concealed censorship.

It is a good idea to provide links as well to the site’s most popular contents. This provides an option to readers in the event that they are unable to find their originally chosen content. Installing a 301 redirect in the site can also prove useful.

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Why WordPress Widgets Plugins are Popular

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Widgets are usually placed in websites through coding.  While it is not exactly difficult to do, users will of course prefer to take advantage of more convenient options.  Many WordPress widget plugins have been readily provided without the necessity of coding and this has allowed users to have more freedom in experimenting with their own site.

The reason why WordPress widget plugins are popular is because of the absence of the need to have specific coding skills.  Default conditions are typically provided coupled with a good number of application possibilities.  Unlimited customization opportunities are likewise available.

Many website owners are under the impression that a custom-made lay-out is the way to go if uniqueness is to be achieved at all.  While true to a certain extent, it is of special note that a unique lay-out and functionality can be obtained using pre-designed templates with the proper use of widgets that are widely available.  Website developers can easily manipulate their content visibility in any which way that will best support their purposes to promote their site.

It is no secret that web developers regularly update their sites not only with relevant contents but also with other features that could make the total experience of visiting a site a positive one.  Relevant widgets help make this happen.  Online users are always on the lookout for sites that does not only give them the information they need but also a better reason for them to appreciate the site and come back wanting for more.  Widgets provide an image of activity and concern on the part of a website to enhance a user’s visit.  The recent posts feature, for example, has been made to be more informative by the display of title, author, date, comment count, and excerpts depending on the provided control.


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The Expected Advantage of Reciprocal Commenting

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Reciprocal commenting has been used by many blogs to increase their online activity. It is based on the premise that a favorable comment or the mere act of commenting would merit a response through another’s comments. Displaying comments of readers after blog posts provide a semblance of audience participation and therefore implies activity.

Incoming comments may mean increased traffic. It is highly possible that a percentage of reciprocal commenters may develop into regular readers and

followers. Of course, this is not assured.

Commenting of this nature also hopes to form a more permanent relationship than a casual commenting agreement. It does open a venue for this although long-term success would largely depend on the contents of the site. If there is nothing in the site that could sustain long-term interest, then regular readership may be a long shot.

Differences in interests, tastes, and views between a blogger and the target regular audience may make it impossible for permanent following to occur. This is of course except when commenting is largely based on contradicting stands. If this is the case, then a lively exchange of ideas can be expected.

Given the expected benefits of reciprocal commenting, there are also risks associated with the practice. Aside from the possibility of having a comment burnout because of the “required” back comments, it also opens up opportunities for spammers and plain troublemakers to do their thing. This has prompted many sites to opt for the off-comment option. However, choosing this option closes the chance of hearing valid feedbacks from readers. Relevant comments can enrich a site tremendously if bloggers are able to react accordingly to well-founded views and opinions.

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The Power that Blogs Possess

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Not a few people dream of wielding enough influence as to constitute real power over events and happenings.  Many have discovered a venue which when properly utilized can allow them to have such clout as to initiate a trend or awaken genuine awareness for a particular cause.  Not everyone will have the chance to be national or world leaders and be heard but anyone who has the right mind-set and sufficient determination can create a willing audience to listen through a blog.

Online influence can make things happen faster.  It can educate an audience and call them to action when necessary.  It can also build relationships and encourage a group or community to pursue a specific goal.  Online businesses will surely appreciate the power to influence purchases and increase favorable recommendations.

The power to influence through the online environment has to be earned with professionalism, expertise, integrity, respect, and honesty.  A professional commands attention while an expert attracts respect.  Users will not waste their time on sites authored by nonprofessionals and novices who obviously do not know what they are talking about.  Online users are naturally wary of unscrupulous online presence and will tend to stick with sites that have proven to possess integrity and honesty in their dealings with customers.  Respect cannot be demanded.  It is an automatic response to a site which respects itself and the public.

Blogs that have managed to rise up to become influence-wielders have done so through sharing, teaching, and building.  In essence, it is necessary to invest in the right efforts to the right market to expect to enjoy the fruits of labor.  Bloggers should consider going beyond their self-imposed boundaries to discover the true power that their blogs possess.

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A Blogging Strategy

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Successful online presence is essentially about good content and sound optimization strategies.  This includes being associated with reliable company and relevant support.  In the context of employing the most effective strategies to promote your blog, a blog review should not be far behind.

What then is a blog review?  It is a service that bloggers can avail of to arrive at a true assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their blog.  On the presumption that most bloggers would like to maximize the potentials of their work, reliable and dependable reviews are able to provide an opportunity for improvement where it is needed.  Sometimes, the authors’ and readers’ perception of good writing may be entirely different.  Timely feedback can serve as a wake-up call for immediate modifications, when required. 

Most of the time, content is not a problem, but the manner of ensuring that readers find them, is.  Blog reviews provide the right exposure and the links that can open up wider readership and better income possibilities.  A paid review is a sensible expense if you are serious about your blog’s success.

Bloggers can have their blogs reviewed and published on by availing of membership packages starting at $14.99.  A prospective member merely needs to provide blog details and pay the fees through the PayPal gateway, a process which requires about a minute of one’s time.  The chosen username and password will be contained in an email sent to the new member.  Members simply have to fill in their new details once they decide to avail of the advanced membership packages.  Blogging strategies need not be complicated.  They can be as easy as having professional sites review your work.

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Widgets can help Cheap Hosting Blogs Fun

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As the daily life runs rapidly that is what happens to the other side of the world, and so with great and busy competition in the internet world. It is almost a race to cut the throat, web hosting at affordable prices, has become a basic need, electronic commerce. This is more important thing on the blogs, who wants to promote their blogs and making use of the cheap hosting available for them. The only good thing today is that there are website or web hosting that ill fit the needs of the small and large companies. There are cheap hosting services that are in words really cheap.

Now the company web access days are separated from the chain’s competitors, there are a lot more of companies offering a lot of space in the field of web hosting, that is why they keep on competing with each other and they will have offers over their competitors on the market. The good thing and also an advantage is that the team that will be handling the web site hosting is open for a technical support and this is 24 hours until up to 7 days a week. It also does not mean a poorly designed website, with the benefits of widgets, a programming application used in web hosting, a website can be fun and interesting while being affordable.

Cheap hosting plays a very important because it promotes or destroys a business out of the blue. That is why choose a suitable web hosting service that is affordable for everyone and to you as well. If making money online with your blogs is in your mind, then you must first consider an assisted service and affordable accommodation for your business. It makes you the choice of services, configurations and options of payment, in short, all the basic needs, you need to start your online business and compete with your competitors.

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Hone Your Poker Skills Constantly

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Do you like poker? If you are like most people these days, you probably either play poker on a regular basis or you have just recently discovered this exciting card game. Thanks largely to reality TV shows that feature poker tournaments (think World Poker Tour) and the aggressive advertising campaign of online poker rooms, more and more people are finding a new hobby in this age old card game.

These days, it is much easier to find a venue to play a game of poker. If you have a lot of friends who have the same interest, you simply have to get several of them together and you can hold your own poker night at home. Alternatively, you can find card rooms in most cities. For a relatively cheap buy in, you can have a good night’s poker game. More so, you can simply stay at home and play poker online in the countless rooms offering this game. You can choose to play for fun without spending anything or use real money to win big.

Whichever way you like playing poker, you absolutely have to hone your skills in the game. Contrary to popular opinion, poker is not all about luck, but the player’s skill. And here is my gift to you today: a poker widget provided by Full Tilt Poker.

With this widget, you get poker tips delivered right to your desk top. And mind you, they are not simply any other kind of tip – they come from some of the best poker players in the world today.

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Important Widgets For Your Blogger Blog

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In the past years, blogging has reached unprecedented heights. We can find blogs focusing on just about anything. Indeed, we can find blogs without any apparent focus at all. No matter, the fact is that blogging is something that is HUGE in every sense of the word.

One thing that I like about blogging is that you can do so much with the venue. Blogs are malleable and versatile that you can perform countless tweaks to make your own personal stamp on them. One way to do this would be to use widgets. More than personalizing the blog, however, widgets can actually be used for promotion and monetization. That is why I have been looking at some of the best and most useful Blogger widgets that I can find for my personal blog. Here are some ideas, which can help you in your search as well.

Most commented posts.
I have seen a lot of blogs with this information available in one of the sidebars. I think that it is a brilliant idea to showcase those posts which have received the most comments. In this way, you can attract more readers to those posts and hopefully get more comments in the process.

Related posts.
This widget is easier to find for WordPress blogs, but I have been having a hard time finding a widget that works well with my Blogger blog. I think it is important to have a related posts widget since it helps your reader find other posts in your blog which may be of interest to them as well.

Tweet this.

Twitter is another phenomenon that has reached far and widget. If you want to reach more people, provide a widget that allows readers to tweet about your post – free advertising for you!

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Show Off With The New PokerDIY Widget

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Poker has become a huge thing in the recent years. Perhaps it is due to the immense exposure that it has enjoyed, thanks to celebrities playing poker and to poker players becoming celebrities themselves. I’d like to think, though, that poker is such an exciting and challenging game that this popularity couldn’t be helped – exposure or not.

In any case, it is quite common for people to create their own poker leagues these days. Bars hold their own tournaments even. If you have a poker league or tournament of your own, you might want to check out the widget from PokerDIY, which is a web site that connects poker players from all over the world. The people behind PokerDIY describe their baby as a “lovechild of the union between a social network for poker players and online poker league software.” Basically, through the web site, poker enthusiasts can find likeminded people and join existing home games or tourneys or invite others to join their home game or tourney. Of course, there are other tools available on the web site, such as forums and poker-related software.

This brings us to the poker widget that they are currently promoting. The widget basically allows a user to show off poker tournament statuses and scores on any web site and Facebook. Other information such as statistics can also be shown through the widget. The best thing about the widget is that it is FREE for use!

If you are already using PokerDIY, go ahead and grab the widget code. If you’re still looking for a good poker league management tool, go visit PokerDIY now and see how it can work for you.

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