About Widgets Blog

The term widget has been used time immemorial by economists and business writers as a trivial object, a doodad, which is “something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known.” As such, the word widget has been used to give examples in production and business scenarios, and in economic analysis. How many widgets can company X produce, versus company Y? Or How many widgets can X dollars buy in 1951 vis-a-vis in 1981?

In the 21st century, though, widgets came into the limelight as those little tools or gadgets that can either clutter up online interfaces, or give little tidbits of information that are very accessible at a glance. Widgets have also become popular in the new media world, with various add-ons and plugins that let users manipulate their blogs and websites with drag-and-drop ease.

The Widgets Blog aims to explore how these little, trivial pieces of software can help us become more productive, and how we can maximize the use of widgets in our everyday lives.