Nutrition Widgets for Blogs

Written by on December 31, 2012 under Widgets

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Food and nutrition blogs should consider putting an appropriate nutrition widget on their site.  It does not only make the blog more informative but it also makes it more interactive and friendly to readers.  Primary targets of this type of widget are parents and their children who would like to make learning about nutrition more fun and exciting.

Nutrition widgets can come in the form of games, charts, daily tips, nutrition facts, and healthy recipes.  It is no secret that the road towards proper nutrition can be a tricky one among adults and children alike.  Nutrition widgets just make it a lot more convenient and fun to have access to relevant information.

One interesting nutrition widget is that which offers nutritional analysis for food.  This helps readers in determining what nutritional contents are being offered by the food they eat.  Knowing this simple yet important information can help in making wiser decisions regarding food intake.

Another interesting widget is one that offers meal planners.  This removes the guessing game in determining whether the food combination provided to a family is able to offer sufficient nutrients.  Complete meal planners ensure the family a balanced diet while providing for options if the recommended food is not preferred.

Nutrition widgets are ideal to share with family and friends.  They are useful, practical,   and rarely takes much space in one’s blog.  The animated and interactive games offered by most widgets provide the perfect online nutrition tool that can readily be appreciated by families.

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The Visitor Widget

Written by on December 2, 2012 under Widgets

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Blogs and sites are always interested to know how many visitors are paying them a visit.  This is but natural since having access to statistics pertaining to visits can provide a clear basis for performance   Knowing this data can help sites improve their offering through the use of visitor widgets.

Visitor widgets does not only reveal the number of visits that happened.  The data they provide can also reveal the number of unique visitors,  the keyword used to find the site, the approximate physical location of the visitor and the number of pages visited in a site.  Co-relating these data makes it easier for site owners to determine their points of improvement in attracting visitors.

It is important to determine the uniqueness of visits so as not to inflate the actual number that may lead a site to falsely believe that it is getting such a number of visitors when the truth is that only one visitor has been making multiple visits. This is detected by the use of cookies which can detect if a visit is coming from the same IP address.  Although there are IP addresses that are dynamic and can change every time the user connects to the Internet, this is not as common as the permanent ones.

Site owners will just have to determine  what kind of widget will work best for them.  Would they want their visitor data displayed on public?  How much traffic tracking do they need?  The choice will actually depend on how a site would like to project the visitor data that it is getting.


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