Finding the Best Android Widget

Written by on November 14, 2012 under Widgets

The wide availability of widgets is one of the advantages of Android over IOS.  Users find these convenient and interesting because they allow a more interactive approach to communication, viewing and living in general.  Some can even be availed of for free.

There are widgets that provide attractive Android home screens.  With the great interest of people in beautiful and flashy gadgets, it is just expected that they would want widgets to personalize their home screens as well.  There are also either widgets that not only provide accurate information about temperature, precipitation, and sunrise or sunset times but are also presented in such pretty graphics.

Various widgets can transform a home screen into a virtual work of art with the vast range of design options.  Aside from beauty however, added functionality is always an attractive option for gadget users.  From convenient listening to music, more built-in controls, audio management, and taking down notes by picture or voice memo.

Information is another key feature of widgets for Android gadgets.  These would include sports, video, and scoring information, worldwide news, and dictionary access.  Communication is an obvious concern in relation to Android gadgets so there are many that answer to this.  These includes Twitter widgets, messenger widgets that get messages coming from different sources such as email, texts, Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail.  Widgets that allow users to avail of cheap international calls and free text messages such as those offered by Google Voice come in quite handy.  There is also a widget that allows users to monitor the data amount uses and what apps are causing such usage.

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