Enhancing Online Communication with Emotion Widgets

Written by on August 23, 2012 under Widgets

Many of us are familiar by now with the small pictorial presentations that accompany messages we receive online or through other communication gadgets we have.  These are the so-called emoticons which convey a feeling or emotion usually to put emphasis on a particular message.  Since an electronic message comes with a supplied emotion, receivers are able to assess the general mood of the sender, helping him or her react with a suitable response.

Electronic messages are usually difficult to interpret because of the lack of first hand access to real-time emotions.  This is sought to be remedied in part with the use of emotion widgets that enable online communicators to convey emotions to drive home a point.  Initially used in casual writing, emoticon use has been observed in more formal communication. Emoticons are generally basic in form as shown by the smiley face or a sad face.  There are variations seen between the Western and Eastern styles of presenting emoticons.

A most recent innovation seen is the emotion battery widget which can show different emoticons depending on the state of the battery of android phones.  So instead of diminishing bars, you will learn how badly needed recharging is through the emotions portrayed by emoticon faces.  There are actually many versions of this.

Why the need for this kind of widget?  Aside from being more fun to look at, emoticons put a certain degree of life in our way of communicating that has become way too mechanical because of technology and time constraints.  Although it can never take the place of the real thing, emoticons are able to animate our almost automatic way of living, reminding us constantly that there are humans at each end of the communication line, having feelings and emotions that should be considered when sending out messages or replying. 


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