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Written by on April 27, 2012 under Widgets

Websites offering their take on the world financial market would do well to provide widgets that offer easy access to related information to its readers and customers.  Aside from making the site more interesting, readers find it more convenient when they don’t have to go back and forth between sites containing information they need.  The so-called financial widgets are worthy add-ons to sites dealing with the subject of finance. 

One such widget features the World Market Summary that provides a quick view of what is happening in the major markets around the world.  This widget offers real-time data from major financial markets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas with the option to include other markets when required.  Like most widgets, it is easily integrated into a site or blog by copying and pasting the code.

Other financial widgets can make monitoring of personal investments portfolio a lot easier.  Since they are customizable, the watch list can be configured to include stocks relevant to the user.  Still others allow users to manage their portfolio from a single site or chosen mobile device.

If users are simply interested in finding out the top gainers, a suitable widget can be installed for the purpose.  Stocks that gained the most in the latest trading are easily identified.  Information about current market price and the changes that occurred in between are likewise provided.

For those having interest on particular market sectors, a widget that provides information to what is actually needed can be installed.  There is an option to view this either on a local or global scale.  There is also an option to gain access to a clear picture depicting the global market, easily identifying what is moving up or down.  There are many financial widgets to choose from.  Sites just have to determine which works best for them.  


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