The Power that Blogs Possess

Written by on February 20, 2012 under blogs

Not a few people dream of wielding enough influence as to constitute real power over events and happenings.  Many have discovered a venue which when properly utilized can allow them to have such clout as to initiate a trend or awaken genuine awareness for a particular cause.  Not everyone will have the chance to be national or world leaders and be heard but anyone who has the right mind-set and sufficient determination can create a willing audience to listen through a blog.

Online influence can make things happen faster.  It can educate an audience and call them to action when necessary.  It can also build relationships and encourage a group or community to pursue a specific goal.  Online businesses will surely appreciate the power to influence purchases and increase favorable recommendations.

The power to influence through the online environment has to be earned with professionalism, expertise, integrity, respect, and honesty.  A professional commands attention while an expert attracts respect.  Users will not waste their time on sites authored by nonprofessionals and novices who obviously do not know what they are talking about.  Online users are naturally wary of unscrupulous online presence and will tend to stick with sites that have proven to possess integrity and honesty in their dealings with customers.  Respect cannot be demanded.  It is an automatic response to a site which respects itself and the public.

Blogs that have managed to rise up to become influence-wielders have done so through sharing, teaching, and building.  In essence, it is necessary to invest in the right efforts to the right market to expect to enjoy the fruits of labor.  Bloggers should consider going beyond their self-imposed boundaries to discover the true power that their blogs possess.

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Social Media and Society

Written by on February 1, 2012 under Facebook, Twitter


Social Media platforms are showing just how much people want to communicate with others, whether known or unknown. People are now able to freely communicate with each other without being constrained by time and place.  New social relationships are quickly developed while existing ones are reinforced by the availability of a means of communication.

It is an understatement to say that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have made their mark in society.  People are now finding more new friends through this venue compared to the traditional way of being introduced personally.  The primary reason why this set-up appears to work for most is the perennial lack of time to interact socially in the more conventional manner. 

Social media use has made it possible for physically-challenged or disabled people to communicate. People can now form groups based on similar interests without having to physically assemble which is usually difficult to do with the busy schedules of most working professionals.  Knowledge and information can be obtained from communicating with other people.

Like in all good things, there will always be disadvantages.  The threat to privacy is very real with most participants not realizing enough that some information meant for consumption of close friends and family are actually out into the open for everybody to see.  With the current revelations about privacy intrusion among members of different social media platforms, it can be surmised that absolute and full control over provided personal information is not possible.  Many members have learned the hard way that there are risks in relying solely on security features that can be violated at will by determined offenders.

At the end of the day, we should know that there are still some things best kept to ourselves or at least revealed personally to only those who need to know.



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