Widgets that Make Money For You

Written by on January 17, 2012 under Widgets


Widgets have become another form of advertising and entertainment.  These small applications when placed on websites and blogs provide owners opportunities to earn money specifically as a form of advertising.  With the wide options for widget choice, there is bound to be something for every site. 

Earning is made possible in the course of the usual route of page views and clicks through a site.  The requirements are very basic – a website or blog and a PayPal account.  With these two requirements in place, website owners can now concentrate on choosing the best applicable widget to place in relation to the nature of the site. 

Not all widgets will fit a site, not only because of the sheer number of options but because of their relevance.  Besides, who would want their  site to be so riddled with ads that it turns off readers?  Site owners should make sure to place the widgets where they are most likely to be clicked by viewers.  As they go along,  they will discover which ones actually work and which don’t.  Those that don’t work can be removed and replaced by more suitable options. 

There is a choice of making use of widgets developed by others or making one’s own.   Widget developers will need to have a widget editor, a widget converter, a text editor, and an image editor.  A plain text editor can be used to write the widget code.  A simpler application is better.  Knowledge of HTML, XML, JavaScript, and Applescript will be needed to write the code.

Widgets should be developed to run on various computer platforms to enable access to more users.   Widget developers can choose to share their widget once it is uploaded in their website.   They can make it available to others by submitting it to an online widget gallery in the same manner that  they can have access to others.  The main point is to use widgets that can make money for the site.

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