Widgets That Work For You

Written by on October 24, 2011 under Widgets

Google Buzz Widget pour Android by xtof

Computer users are always on the look-out for better applications that are not only fun and easy to use but actually work as well.  One of the better computer applications to come along is the widget.  Widgets are stand-alone applications that can be embedded on sites authored by a user such as a webpage or a blog.  They are also being commonly used in social media site profiles.

Essentially chunks of code installed for the purpose of sharing content, widgets may or may not have implications on a site’s performance depending on the widget type.  Users who opt for widgets typically desire an enhanced web experience both for themselves and their site visitors.  Widget developers on the other hand, hope to offer a win-win situation where the cost of development gets paid as multiple users accomplish their own objectives through the help of the widgets.

Widgets work best for a site where it is considered relevant such as a Destination Locator Widget for a Travel Site.  Many widget owners have found a way to explore the functionality of seemingly unrelated widgets for their personal use and surprisingly ended up with favorable results.  The basic rule here is to find widgets that complement your site in the absence of obvious similarities of purpose.

For maximized use, site owners or bloggers should take into account SEO concerns.  At this time and age where everything is put in place for a purpose, it wouldn’t hurt to harness the full potentials of a computer application.  The widget developer generally has full control  over the application although there are services available which allow customization to better fit the purpose of the user.  The next time you see those visually-attractive widgets that appear to work perfectly on others, stop and consider what makes it work for them and develop your options for your own site.

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Most Useful WordPress Widgets For Your Blog

Written by on October 20, 2011 under Widgets

If you want to know more about the WordPress widgets, get started with the WordPress. WordPress widgets are somewhat similar to the plugins. You can install, activate or deactivate the widgets from the plugins page. Widgets are the most common plugins added to the sidebar or bottom of a WordPress theme nowadays to add a specific block of text or a specific function.

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For example advertising widgets allow a user to place a block or ads in the sidebar of the blog and one can make small profits whenever a user come to those widgets.

The most fascinating fact about the WordPress widget is that it does not require any technical knowledge. No programming is required and you can place a widget just by dragging it to the sidebar. You can also re-arrange the widgets according to their usability and make your website look exactly what you want it to be. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why The Alexa Widget Is BAD For Your Website

Written by on October 20, 2011 under Widgets

Any businesses which make use of online marketing strategies make every effort to perk up their conversion rate. There are many different ways to boost up the targeted traffic in a website and to convert the visitors into the potential clientele. Some web masters prefer getting good rankings on Google whereas some prefer getting high position in Alexa ranking system.

Alexa is not a new term for the webmasters : almost every webmaster is familiar with this term and its benefits. Alexa is a web information company maintaining the traffic rankings for the websites. Alexa is also one of the best resources to boost up the value of the ad spots and to verify the popularity of our website. Read the rest of this entry »

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