Use Text Widgets to Install Ad Codes in WordPress

Written by on July 27, 2011 under Software

As far as placing the usual ad codes such as the ones you get from Google or Amazon, no longer will you have to tinker around with the themes, the sidebar.php in particular, to properly install the codes and get the great layouts in your blog.

Before widgets came, identifying the best place to put your code was always a problem. Also, making sure that the default layout will not be altered was a cause for alarm as normally, improper coding may wreck the entire theme that you have chosen for your site.

Ideally, it does seem easy. You don’t have to be that advanced in placing widgets. All you have to do is do to the design menu of WordPress and choose widgets and you can see the various options on the left side to which you can add according to your desire.

The text widget there is where you can add codes. Just add it and then edit and place the codes there without putting anything on the title bar. You may want to use the center option in case alignment issues may suffice.

With these widgets, you no longer have to edit your theme. Just bring up the widgets menu and get the text button widget and you can instantly place (or remove) your widget containing the affiliate codes without worrying of affecting your entire WordPress Blog theme.

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Never Forget The Time Again!

Written by on July 13, 2011 under Widgets

clock widg
I am not the type to check the time every 15 minutes, but I do hate it when people never keep track of time. I am sure you know a lot of these people. They would tell you they’ll meet you at a certain hour and come an hour late. Or they would say that they would be home at a certain time, and arrive much much later. The usual excuse is “Oh, sorry I forgot the time!”

If you have the tendency to be like this, even at work, then here are widgets that will make keeping track of the time a much more fun experience. Clock Widgets is a web site that specializes in – you got it – clocks of all sorts and sizes. The widgets are specially designed to keep the user entertained while at the same time, keeping functionality a top priority. These widgets can be embedded in your blog or any other web site for that matter.

They have a variety of designs, many of them “cute.” One of my favorites is the Donut & Candy clock widget – no need to explain what it looks like. You can take a look for yourself here. Another nice looking “time piece” is the Blue Diamond, which is very simple yet will match a site with a blue theme. The former widget is analog while the latter is digital. One wish I have with regard to the site is the number of widgets that they offer – maybe they can come up with more clocks in the future!

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