Kinetic Energy Calculator Widget

Written by on June 23, 2011 under News, Software has reportedly offered two widgets that people can place on other social networking sites such as MySpace or standard website pages. Especially if you are a member of, you can be able to download the said widget and place it on your site.

When you install this widget, it provides you with a feed-type of a production as whenever new posts on articles or updates are done, you can immediately see them through the widget installed in your site. In fact, you can go as far as seeing various images uploaded on the site itself, offering you a variety of ways to access the site without having to be at the actual site.

On a business aspect, you can see that such a widget allows more traffic to Add to this, they have also added a Kinetic Energy Calculator widget which helps people in how much kinetic energy they are using through archery and firearm equipment.’s developers have also setup a Kinetic Energy Calculator for your use. Everyone is curious how much kinetic energy your archery or firearm equipment is producing, but the calculations are a little complex at best. No more, now has an easy way to get this information. You plug in the weight of your arrow or bullet, and speed in FPS and with one click you have your kinetic energy.


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Youcalc Helps you Design Away

Written by on June 9, 2011 under News

YoucalcHave you ever found yourself in the middle of trying to figure out what to place on your site? For sure, you will be worried about codes and how it can impact your overall site script. But thanks to widget technology, there is a site that allows you to find your fancy, finding a widget that suits your site with no technical expertise needed.

It is apparent that most people today have found it entirely difficult to find suitable scripts and presentation as far as their site is concerned. As far as elements are concerned, proper positioning and blending of the ideal widget may be a problem. But if you want the fast way towards achieving it, a short visit to Youcalc can surely address your needs and keep your site up without any technical expertise. The only hard part is looking for that widget that you are really looking for.

And now for some shortcomings. While that is the easy part, widget seekers would do best not to expect too much. Considering you did not really invest much effort in developing ideal widgets, you have to make do with the design that they had done. Now that would really be a killer. You just drag and drop them but as far as perfect blending into the site is concerned, expect some issue to come along the way.

“youcalc is a widget gallery, a widget creation tool, and a community of widget users and widget developers. For widget users, youcalc is like most other widget galleries – find a widget that interests you and post it to your blog, your website, you iGoogle, your facebook, etc. It’s a zero-tech, few clicks operation – and it’s entirely free.”


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