Do Widgets Have an Impact on Websites?

Written by on May 25, 2011 under Software

Talk about technology, one has to wonder if using widgets would indeed be impressive and appealing towards the eyes of people who browse the web today. Widgets have become the new boom and resort for people who look for new ways to improve the current technology of site presentation and scripting and surely, web administrators would immediately study this development and apply them towards their websites at the earliest possible time.

Websites can be appealing and attractive at anytime through a person’s imagination. Technology can help but if a person would put his mind to it, he can resort to other details to be able to do so. Advanced scripting and programming can be an asset, but not really required. Widgets are on the line of advanced methods but while they are impressive fruits of technology, failure to place and use them in the manner that they should be may end up ruining the whole website presentation.

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Keeping your Visitors Busy with Widgets

Written by on May 18, 2011 under Software

Busy Blogger Visitor

While people may sometimes find themselves in a site where a lot of reading materials in the form of blog entries would be found, looking for other interesting parts of their blog is another aspect for their stay. Widget technology has offered a lot of enhancements such as games and making search queries that depend on the type of widget tool that they have installed to complement the overall value of the site. It all depends on forecasting what a person would want to see once they reach the blog roll page where information is still the primary purpose for their stay.

With over a dozen widgets to choose from, a blog administrator can only do much. It is not about putting all the widgets at will so that they can boast of being in with the times of latest technology breakthroughs. A proper selection process must also be implemented since overdoing it may push visitors to go elsewhere to blogs that offer a more orderly presentation of their blog site.

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Being Cautious with Facebook Widgets

Written by on May 11, 2011 under Software

We all know that widgets have made life a lot easier for us but it still remains that we have to choose the widgets we choose and where we get them. Facebook, fast growing and becoming one of daily tasks that people would want to look into when they get to log on to the web has a number of widgets which you can place on the left side of your profile. With all the programs that Facebook offers, you can imagine at the number of Facebook widgets you can put. But other than overdoing it, there are reportedly privacy risks you may want to check out which can do more harm than entertainment for you.

“Everything requires you to give access to personal information or it forces you to ask your friends to do the same—it becomes a real nuisance,” said David Dixon, 40, an information technology consultant who recently deleted most of the applications he had downloaded to his Facebook profile after reading on a blog that developers may have access to his information. “Why does a Sudoku puzzle have to know I have two kids? Why does a postcard need to know where I went to college?”


Indeed this quote has a lot to desire. The relation of accessing personal information for some form of entertainment and recreation for a social networking site will certainly seem annoying. If you are a Facebook user, you have to wonder if these widgets were developed on purpose or not.

But if you are a seasoned programmer for these widgets, you should know beforehand. Programming will always have something hidden and apparently this has been one thing that is revealed and may work against this large social networking site famous today.

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Related Posts Widget Offer More

Written by on May 7, 2011 under Widgets

Related Posts Widget

One post is fine but finding others related to it would be better. For readers, satisfying their curiosity on getting more in depth information as far as what they are reading is always a given. Also, they may want to know more because they fail to understand what they are actually reading. That is the beauty of a related posts widget which is something that any blog would surely want to have.

This comes in the form of scripts and widgets. Of the two, you know that the latter is the best option when it comes to installing widgets on your blog. Other than enriching the keywords contents of your site, it is a practical and good way to insure your readers that that is not the only post for a certain topic.

There are some WordPress Themes that have this embedded automatically upon installation. If that were the case, then good. But for sites that don’t have it, you can always download the WordPress Plugin (be sure to read the details as they are sure to be many of them around on the plugins page) and install it like any other standard widget.

There are some widgets that may require minimal appending of certain blog parts. But as long as you follow the directions usually contained on the readme file, you are safe from wrecking your blog and messing up the scripts.

After a successful update, you can be assured that your blog will be one good site to which you don’t have to worry about old posts the many deem as useless.

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