Creating Marketing Plans with Widgets

Written by on March 28, 2011 under Software

Widgets are the new way of enhancing online marketing these days and apparently these tools allow a certain site to be able to keep subscribers up to date each time there is something new unleashed by this group. Normally pushed as a matter of convenience, allowing potential visitors the luxury of simply starting up and just checking out a certain widget takes out the need to surf or log on to the site which may or may not frequently update their site.

On the part of a company, these are indeed handy marketing plan tools. Customers want an easier life and through widgets, they can be able to turn on their PC and see if there is indeed something new. It brings a sense of networking in a sense considering that the more people who use a particular widget, the better it is for any company. It only shows how many people are interested in a particular site and its offerings and closely monitoring activities to make sure that they are kept abreast with any developments once the site administrator does so.

This new dimension of broadening the marketing perspective can be categorized on the technological external forces available on the web today. People appreciate technology and integrating them into marketing plans will definitely be a welcome note. Other than trying to impress anybody, widgets used as a marketing tool does help broaden the perspective. Eventually, most companies who invest in online exposure will follow suit as well.


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Widgets can help Cheap Hosting Blogs Fun

Written by on March 26, 2011 under blogs, News

As the daily life runs rapidly that is what happens to the other side of the world, and so with great and busy competition in the internet world. It is almost a race to cut the throat, web hosting at affordable prices, has become a basic need, electronic commerce. This is more important thing on the blogs, who wants to promote their blogs and making use of the cheap hosting available for them. The only good thing today is that there are website or web hosting that ill fit the needs of the small and large companies. There are cheap hosting services that are in words really cheap.

Now the company web access days are separated from the chain’s competitors, there are a lot more of companies offering a lot of space in the field of web hosting, that is why they keep on competing with each other and they will have offers over their competitors on the market. The good thing and also an advantage is that the team that will be handling the web site hosting is open for a technical support and this is 24 hours until up to 7 days a week. It also does not mean a poorly designed website, with the benefits of widgets, a programming application used in web hosting, a website can be fun and interesting while being affordable.

Cheap hosting plays a very important because it promotes or destroys a business out of the blue. That is why choose a suitable web hosting service that is affordable for everyone and to you as well. If making money online with your blogs is in your mind, then you must first consider an assisted service and affordable accommodation for your business. It makes you the choice of services, configurations and options of payment, in short, all the basic needs, you need to start your online business and compete with your competitors.

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The Cost of Using Widgets in Web Marketing

Written by on March 21, 2011 under Software

If you think widgets are simply made for impressing people, guess again. These technological innovations are likewise marketing tools in play today especially for business ventures that use the web as its alternative resource in operations. Widgets development is one thing but placement in proper channels is another. Placement for distribution will carry with it additional costs and while we tend to ignore this side of widgets, they are profitable for the developers if you think of it.

You can just imagine the number of people who will download and install widgets these days. Acting as a medium towards bringing updates and applications right on the very desktop of their patrons, their engagement fee alone can exhaust an advertiser’s budget. So you can just imagine the amount to invest in widget technology, all for the sake of making right business online.

Taking it as a business perspective with strategic directives, widgets are indeed something that can be similar to common marketing channels we use today. Advertising will always have its budget allocation but when you talk about web advertising, it is entirely different.

Advanced investments in widgets today are expected to pay off in the end. There will always be finance risks towards advertising and promotional activities. But if the returns offer a lucrative return, then why not? Just consider the number of users who go online today. Make a ratio on the probability of penetrating these millions of audiences and you may end up considering this investment as peanuts compared to what you can look forward to as far as revenue generation is concerned.

“Everyone has their hand out for payment along the way and it can be a real drag on a campaign,” said Daniel Taylor, senior analyst of digital advertising at The Yankee Group, Boston. Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst at eMarketer, echoed Taylor’s sentiment: “When I look at the widget marketplace, I think back to the days of the Web when Web developers had their hands out for everything too.”

Marketers are projected to spend $40 million this year, up from $15 million last year, toward creating, promoting and distributing widgets, per eMarketer, New York. That figure represents about 2.5% of the $1.6 billion expected for U.S. social network ad spending, up from 1.6% of the $920 million spent on social network advertising last year.


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RSS Widgets for Customer Interactivity

Written by on March 14, 2011 under Software

Springbox Widgets

One thing that makes sites successful these days is through interaction and allowing visitor to share their opinion as well as being able to solicit advice. Rather than limiting it to the point where bloggers or authors are the ones that control the flow of conversations, posts and comments, RSS widgets allows people to be updated on replies and current topics that can perhaps entice them to make a comment or two.

There are a lot of widgets that allows site owners to do this today. Spring Widgets and Grazr are among the leading RSS widget service providers you can check out. With a suggestion box in tow, you are sure to get more people into the fray and not to mention provide that much wanted interaction that sites long to have.

We have been getting a lot of customers asking how they can post and promote their suggestions on their website. Each SuggestionBox has its own unique RSS feed that displays the most recently updated public suggestions. You can view the feed for SuggestionBox here. Here are a few very simple widget platforms that let you integrate your suggestions into your site. They all allow you to customize the look and feel and dynamically update.


All you have to do is pick one. Try it out and see the difference. For sure somewhere along the way, you will find that one of these widgets will bolster your site as far as popularity and traffic for people who become hooked on to it.

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