Widgets are Obese

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Widgets are supposed to make life easier for the visits you get. However, as a site owner, you may notice that time it takes to load a page. It is a discomfort to which you can really do without but if you think of it, it all comes to a point on whether you have to look out for the welfare of your visitors or for your site as an ideal place to land in.

Much of it is blamed on the codes to make these widgets happen. They are long codes that can really take a lifetime to load if they are not properly made. On the outside, it may seem that the external features are ideal enough to attract readers who may go as far as subscribing to your site. But internally, people could care less of your problem and if the time comes your page would load like in a million years, chances are you would lose these subscribers eventually.

So what is a website owner to do? Does he continue to use widgets or resort to something else? Realistically, there are some people who have done away with widgets. Some have lessened the widgets to be placed. Either way, you must consider the refresh rate of your page and while you want to explain the reason behind it, don’t expect visitors to be understanding.

Widgets are indeed innovations. But as far as improvement is concerned, a lot has to be done to make them suit the websites where they will be placed.


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Gauge your Carbon Footprint with the Tendril Widget

Written by on December 27, 2010 under Software

Tendril Widget

A lot has been said on watching our carbon footprints these days and one thing that is sure to be of great use is this widget named Tendril. It is available for use in a Mac or your iPhone, absolutely free. So if you are conscious about how much energy you are consuming in your home like appliance energy consumption, this is a good widget that can help you monitor your usage.

But if given the choice, the interface could be improved further if there was a gadget that can easily be attached so that manual monitoring can be avoided. The free software is indeed great for monitoring your carbon footprint and if there should be innovations in the future for it, then that would have to be the various interface options to which energy usage can be made entirely easier.

Tendril is available on your Mac as a widget or on your iPhone. After a simple set up process you start getting reports on your energy usage around your home. This is useful in pinpointing exactly which appliance, computer or other electricity using device is the biggest culprit (or which group of them).


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Hone Your Poker Skills Constantly

Written by on December 23, 2010 under blogs, Widgets

Do you like poker? If you are like most people these days, you probably either play poker on a regular basis or you have just recently discovered this exciting card game. Thanks largely to reality TV shows that feature poker tournaments (think World Poker Tour) and the aggressive advertising campaign of online poker rooms, more and more people are finding a new hobby in this age old card game.

These days, it is much easier to find a venue to play a game of poker. If you have a lot of friends who have the same interest, you simply have to get several of them together and you can hold your own poker night at home. Alternatively, you can find card rooms in most cities. For a relatively cheap buy in, you can have a good night’s poker game. More so, you can simply stay at home and play poker online in the countless rooms offering this game. You can choose to play for fun without spending anything or use real money to win big.

Whichever way you like playing poker, you absolutely have to hone your skills in the game. Contrary to popular opinion, poker is not all about luck, but the player’s skill. And here is my gift to you today: a poker widget provided by Full Tilt Poker.

With this widget, you get poker tips delivered right to your desk top. And mind you, they are not simply any other kind of tip – they come from some of the best poker players in the world today.

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NTT-Sponsored Android Apps Site Soon to Open in Japan

Written by on December 22, 2010 under mobile, News

androidAre you still one of those who doubt that phones running on the Android operating system are becoming more and more prevalent? If so, I urge you to think again. Practically everyone – except Steve Jobs and his crew, probably – is jumping into the Android bandwagon.

Does the name NTT Communications ring a bell? Well, it’s only one of the largest names in the worldwide telecommunications industry, and yesterday, they announced the launch of a new service soon to be available in Japan: appliko. This site is going to feature apps specifically for Android smartphones and will target women in particular. The project is being carried out together with Index Corporation.

NTT Communications has been expanding its operations aggressively in the past year and has added a lot of services on top of already existing ones: data center services, content delivery, global network services, phone and VOIP, and so on.

With this new online market, Japanese smartphone users will be able to access more Android apps in the near future. NTT Communications and Index Corporation will be developing apps themselves, while at the same encouraging other developers to come with with their own apps. Support will be provided to these developers and competitions will be held to stimulate the development of quality apps.

For now, the site remains closed to the public, but reviews are going to be available – some 2,000 of them – by the end of March 2011. By the next month, the site should be fully up and running, ready for sales.

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Watch Your Traffic With D-Link Widget

Written by on December 20, 2010 under Software, Widgets

If you are like a lot of people I know, you have your own wireless router at home by now. While some people might not think it necessary to have one, once you have tried using your laptop wherever you are in the house, you will definitely be raring to get a wireless router of your own.

There are many wireless routers available in the market but a name stands out – D-Link. If you have any of the D-Link routers which are 802.11 n-capable, then you might want to get the freebie that the company has for you: the Network Monitor v2.0.

This widget works as an information center and delivers the data straight from your router. It works with Yahoo Widgets, Vista Gadgets, and even the Mac Dashboard. Unfortunately, it does not work with Google Desktop. Anyhow, the Network Monitor will tell you what model router you have, the version of that model, what firmware version you are running on, and your router’s up time.

The guys at PC Mag suggest running the widget on your desktop computer which is wired to the router or on a wireless computer. On a desktop wired computer, you will only get data for send and receive on the network and the Internet. You won’t get any info on the data sent and received on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi connections.

Another note, if you have had your router for a while and you decide to download the widget, you might have to update the firmware of your router.

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