Enhancing Your Site through Widgets

Written by on September 30, 2010 under Software

Widget Artist

Creativity paired with imagination, this is what differentiates most sites when it all boils down to the best representation that anyone can think of. Widgets have been designed in various ways through the years, using graphics such as JPEG and GIF images to add spice to their sites. When widgets were introduced into the scene, everyone shifted into making attractive and alluring designs that can help make hosted sites all the more appealing to the people who browse the net everyday.

There are various means of enhancers to which Widgets have been created. They range from news feeds, utilities, cam viewers and so on. Advancements have made the Internet a whole lot ideal for most. Most can be seen as the sites now offer a more interactive manner of interface through such scripts and programming of widgets as a more alluring graphics interface tool. The best way to get people to try out technology is to actually have them interface with it. And this is something that Widgets have given, a new way of enhancing sites and visitor hits over the Internet today.

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How Widgets Cater to Internet User Friendliness

Written by on September 24, 2010 under Software

Widget Website Enhancers

It has been years since the first outbreak of the Internet has barged into most homes. While the level of users who have advanced and grasped the potential of proper interface with the sites that they have already visited, some still lack the necessary features to make them user-friendly or easier to interact and understand.

Widgets have not only enhanced websites today but also provided the necessary advancements into making websites easier to navigate in. Usually, there would be the hyperlinks or underlined words that would bring people to the other pages of the site but unless a person is well-versed towards such, chances are they would miss the other pages that may contain the information and data that they are really looking for.

Through widgets, browsing through the site and trimming down to specifics the actual word or phrase for the actual item that they are looking for has made it a lot easier. Not too technical and not sophisticated, this is what widgets provide to programmers and users to enhance and make surfing enjoyable to date.

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CoffeeSpot : A Coffeeholic’s WP Theme

Written by on September 17, 2010 under News


Themes are great to show an aspect of your personality. For coffeeholics out there, you can use the widget-ready Coffeespot theme from the WP themepark to show your love for the aromatic brew. I love how each section in the sidebar is headed by a brown title bar, great for keeping track of where you are.

Default appearance:
Color: Predominantly white and gray with accents in shades of brown
Images: A header of coffee beans and a collection of several coffee mugs that can be used to mark the post titles. The unordered list bullet is actually a miniature coffeemug!
Appearance: There is a very faint gray line separating the post title with the entry information. A similar gray line lies beneath the comments links, segregating the posts from each other.
Sidebar: Separate sections for a small blurb, tags, archives, links, and feeds. It has a meta section at the bottom of the sidebar for easy logins and registration. There searchbar is also located in the sidebar.
The zip comes with template pages for : archives, contact, author, and a favorites/links page.

You can download it at wp themepark.
Link to the theme “Coffeespot”

I like this theme for its simplicity and the colors. It makes me think of lazy afternoons spent with a good book and a cuppa, and it’s pretty easy to tweak. If coffee isn’t your thing, create your own images and modify the css that comes with it. Links in posts are rusty brown with a light tan background when you hover above it. Those in the sidebar are tan, while any links to other pages on the top navigation bar are in white. The current page is underlined in white. Any subpages you make for any given page will be linked in the sidebar. Sadish Bala, author of Coffeespot, has six more themes in the WP Themepark.

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Widgetize something about you

Written by on September 13, 2010 under Widgets


A lot of themes would include sections wherein you could put a little something about yourself. You would usually have to edit your theme’s sidebar.php to insert whatever you would like to include in that part of your blog’s theme.

There is now an easier way to go about it. Use the About Me widget by Sam Devol. It is still in version 0.96 and he admits that it is his first widget. In any case, it really looks nice. His screencap of the widget and how it works is here.

Stuff you fill in:

  • Title – you could be as creative as you want so this could be something like “About this problogger” or anything you want
  • Alignment – left, center, right
  • Image URL - where you saved your image
  • Image title/text – be a bit descriptive
  • Font color – use either the hexadecimal notation or the layman’s term for the color
  • Blurb – more descriptions about you, maybe a short paragraph
  • More about me URL - if you created an About page on your blog, use the URL of that page
  • More about me title – something like “the rest of the details” or “my resume” in case you have it online
  • Contact Me – You have 2 choices: a mailto: with your email address or the URL of your contact page, if you made one.
  • Contact Me title – you could use “contact information” or “contact me”

This is pretty friendly enough to use even for someone who is not an HTML geek because this is already a form that you just fill in with your preferences.

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