Of widgets and words: Associative Dictionary widget

Written by on June 23, 2010 under Software

GiaGiaDictionary at work

Do you have a way with words? Or maybe even a great fascination for them? If you’re a word geek, show the world by adding the associative dictionary widget on your sidebar! I first saw on it giagia.co.uk and I simply was intrigued. After all, it said on the sidebar “GiaGiaDictionary” so I just had click the words. Some of them have definitions already, some don’t.

As the description of it goes:

...it adds a dictionary to your site and displays words from it through ajax calls. All the words in the description are links themselves, so you can keep wandering through the words. If a word has no description, a small form is displayed to make one up.

Interactive fun!

The Associative Dictionary could be quite fun. If you have people visiting your blog and happened to be intrigued by your ‘dictionary,’ they would probably start checking out the different words in the definition you have. It seems as though GiaGiaDictionary has quite a number of words already so with each time I click and add my own definitions of words, I get new ones. It is quite addictive as I don’t notice how many words I gave definitions to or how many words I have checked out definitions of.


If you don’t seem to have a nice definition for certain words, you could always click the back button and you will get back to the word you were checking out. If you feel like adding some definition to the word selected, go ahead and just write your own definitions. It certainly is fun because sometimes you would see other people’s biases and backgrounds through the definitions they add. If you are currently in another country like Japan, wouldn’t it be fun if you let your Japanese friends add their own definitions in your Associative Dictionary? That was you get to interact in some ways.

About the creator

You could get this from the dirkie.nu blog. It seems that it is his second plugin. The creator has his own associative dictionary but it is in the Dutch language, not English.

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Widget for the day conscious: King Calendar

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calendarAre you thinking that the calendar you have on your sidebar is not enough? Are you looking for a different kind of widget to make it work to your advantage? Are you tired of seeing how ordinary and boring your calendar looks and behaves compared to those on the other blogs? Look no further. You have the King Calendar widget for WordPress.

The King of all calendar widgets!

It has features you won’t be able to resist:

  • support for the Events Calendar Plugin

  • four HTML fields available for customization

  • set it to show up on any of the following pages:

    • Home / Search / Archive / 404 page
    • all pages or a special Page (just set the page_id or slug of where you want it to show up)
    • all or special single Article (as with pages, just set where you’d like it to show by indicating the id or slug)
    • all or special Category listing

    • inside a special Category, List or Article

The nice thing with these features is that you could so much more with the Calendar. If for example, you have a category called Events (where you put the schedule of your events and maybe a bit of news), it would be nifty to have the calendar show up. Also, if you allow it display the Events (especially if you are using the Events Calendar Plugin), that is awesome. You don’t need to have so much trouble in setting it up.

Customizing your blog so that your calendar will be different, thanks to those additional HTML fields, is also a nifty thing. You can make sure that it would stand out or blend in on your page.

Download link.
Prerequisite: King widgets framework.

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Looking At The Blue Horizon Theme

Written by on June 14, 2010 under Software

bnlue horizon

Would you like something soothing on your blog and still be widget-friendly so that you would not find it difficult to work with it? If so, there is the blue horizon theme by Kaushal Sheth. It is a predominantly blue and green theme and as such, you could feel the calm and cool aura of the theme.

Things to like about the theme:

  • The cool and calm feel.
    This is really amazing. The header image is that of rolling hill and you could see the clouds there too. Really soothing.

  • Header navigation – you could put your links to your blog’s static pages there. Or a link to another blog you update regularly.

  • Blockquotes – The style is cute. When you blockquote something, there are left and bottom borders, even for the ones nested inside those blockquotes. Really cute because you could distinguish the blockquotes from the rest of the posts.

  • Fonts – sans serif and rounded fonts

  • Categories and subcategories – They are indicated underneath the titles of the posts.

  • Widget-friendly – This is definitely something positive about it.

This is one of the themes by Kaushal Sheth and it really looks quite usable. Any blogger could easily use it and feel at home with it. This theme might be quite good with blogs with themes that center on reflection like a parenting blog or maybe travelling, especially if you feel like the default header image reminds you of your favorite place to relax. You could view the testrun here. You could also download the theme from here.

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