Google Buzz Widget For Android Phones

Written by on March 25, 2010 under mobile, Widgets

Google Buzz has been active for quite some time now, and yet it seems to me that it isn’t buzzing as much as some people thought it would. Perhaps it just needs to grow on more people. Perhaps they need to add features and update the service. Whatever the reason is, all I know is that I only have a few friends using Google Buzz and many still prefer to use the tried and tested (and sometimes irritating) Facebook.

If you have an Android phone, though, and you are liking Google Buzz (I actually do like it, to be honest with you), you might want to know that there is a widget that will help you use Google Buzz more easily. I am still wanting a Google Nexus One phone, but only God knows when that is going to happen. I did have a chance to play with one – a friend is lucky enough to have the means to purchase one immediately – and I have to say that it rocks!

Anyway, so what’s the buzz about the Google Buzz widget for Android phones? For one, it lets you post text with a single tap! Not only that, you can upload photos with the same amount of effort. Pretty neat for lazy people, huh? More so, the app has the capability of working in the background, allowing you to do other stuff (PLAY) on your phone while it uploads whatever you want. Those of you with Android phones – here’s your chance to play!

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