Yahoo And Twitter Join Forces

Written by on February 28, 2010 under News, Twitter

Two of the most recognizable names on the Internet today have joined forces, causing quite a stir, especially in the world of social media. Both names – Yahoo and Twitter – have been around for quite some time and have gathered their own set of ardent followers. Due to the merger, more possibilities are arising, creating a lot of excitement.

What’s the best thing about this move? You may already know that Twitter users can access their tweets AND update their tweets through Yahoo’s plethora of products. In effect, we can say that Yahoo has made itself a Twitter client. Obviously, this allows for more flexibility and accessibility on the part of the user – which is always a good thing.

On the widgets end, I will not be surprised to see widgets at the center of this flexibility and accessibility campaign. Perhaps in a few months – maybe less – we will be hearing of Yahoo-Twitter widgets that will make tweeting an even easier and more fun activity.

There aren’t a lot of specific details as of now, but it seems that both parties are very excited about the merger. According to Bryan Lamkin, the senior vice president of Yahoo’s consumer products group, they’re “turning the key to the online social universe — you will find the most personally relevant experiences through Yahoo! We’re also simplifying people’s lives by bringing their social worlds — and the world —- together for easy access.”

Twitter is just as happy with this statement: “The information in one single tweet can travel light-years farther with this Yahoo! integration. Tweets in more places brings relevance where and when you need it most.”

I suppose it’s a win-win for them, but my question is: will we (the users) also come out as winners? I hope so!

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