Get Your Hands On New Twitter Goodies

Written by on November 13, 2009 under Facebook, Twitter, Widgets

twitterAre you one of us? Those who tweet on a regular basis, that is. If you have not discovered Twitter yet, then it’s about time! Once you try it out, you’ll find yourself tweeting non-stop. Ask anyone who uses it and you’ll hear the same words.

Anyhow, Twitter has just released a new widget on its Goodies page. If you log on to the platform, you can find the link to this page at the bottom of the home page. The new widget basically allows Twitter users to display their tweets on another web site or blog. It also is compatible with the more popular social networking web sites such as Facebook and MySpace. With this widget, you do not need to copy paste your tweets to change your status!

There are currently four different kinds of widgets which you can from. These are Profile, Search, Faves, and List. Naturally, to make it easy on the users, Twitter provides the codes that you will need to embed in your site of choice. Everything will be done automatically, so you just need to do whatever it is you do with Twitter and the changes will be reflected on the web site.

You may also tweak the widget. For example, you can choose the settings for the frequency of refreshing. You can also choose the specific information that you want to show on your web site. Another important tweak is the ability to resize the widget so as to fit your site properly. Go get the widget now!

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