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Written by on October 31, 2009 under News, Widgets

musicwidgetsIt was just a matter of time, really, and I suppose that that time is NOW. Google has announced some details about its service regarding music online. Dubbed Google Music Onebox, the service basically allows users to stream music without additional effort. All that users would have to do is search for music on Google. Naturally, they had to partner up with music streaming services in order to make this possible.

Some music streaming services that have been named as Google’s partners in this venture are Lala, iLike, Pandora, Imeem, and Rhapsody. This is where widgets come into the picture – to manage the streaming of the music. You’d think that Google would have created a universal widget that will manage the streaming of the files regardless of the streaming service used, right? Well, you thought wrong.

This is actually one issue that people are already bringing up. From what I have been hearing, the widgets that will come up when you listen to a song will depend on the service providing the streaming. Even worse, they say that you will have no choice as to which widget will come up. Basically, you are at the mercy of whatever rules govern the service. I suppose that if you are not particular about the widgets, then Music Onebox should do well enough. The ability to stream music simply by doing a Google search is definitely buzz worthy. Still, I really hope that Google create its own widget – the one widget to rule them all. Now THAT would be cool.

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