New Verizon Widgets For Fios TV

Written by on July 20, 2009 under Software, Widgets

Verizon has hit a gold mine with its Fios TV and the company is capitalizing on it. Currently, they have more than two hundred and fifty channels in their list of offerings, but they are not stopping there. Verizon has just added two more Web-connected services to the Fios TV.

Last week, Verizon offered their subscribers the chance to pick out anything they want from a wide array of Internet widgets. The best thing about these widgets is that they are for free! In order to make use of these widgets, users only need a Fios receiver or digital video recorder.

Rob Pegoraro of The Washington Post tried the new service for himself and has this to say:

The widgets build on software Verizon introduced four years ago for its own use; now, Verizon will provide approved widgets from other developers in a new Widget Bazaar. Verizon says about 40 of these are in development, but the only new ones showed off today were Twitter and Facebook applications. The former doesn’t let you sign into a Twitter account so you can’t easily bring up replies to your updates, while the latter allows access to more of Facebook’s standard features. Note that in each case, your input is limited to the standard remote control, with no provision for a wired or wireless keyboard.

He did raise a very interesting point. He mentioned that he has not been hearing from any TV Widget users. I realized that the same is true for me. I know countless people who use widgets on their computers but not on their TV. Anyone care to teach us a lesson?

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New Business Widgets From WorkLight

Written by on July 19, 2009 under Facebook, mobile, Software, Twitter, Widgets

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have taken the world by storm. Even people who do not usually spend a lot of time online find themselves doing so because of these platforms. Businesses have also realized the potential of these platforms, and software developers are capitalizing on this. As such, we get to see all these new platforms advertising themselves as the “Facebook of business” or the “Twitter of business.”

WorkLight is a company which develops various social networking software, much like other software companies out there. However, unlike the “Facebook of business” companies, WorkLight takes on a slightly difference approach. Instead of creating whole new platforms and selling them as the “[place popular social networking platform here] of business,” WorkLight is bringing their widgets to the existing popular platforms.

WorkLight specializes in business applications which can be used for online banking, travel management, and other basic collaboration tasks. The good thing is that the applications can be published in various platforms such as Facebook, iGoogle, iPhone (yep!), and blogs. To date, WorkLight is working in collaboration with 17 consumer channels. This means that anyone who uses a widget that WorkLight has created can publish it easily to those channels.

The main advantage of this idea is that businesses need not spend a lot of money on developing widgets for different platforms. They only have to invest on a single application and then simply publish to the relevant platforms wherein the business may already have an established presence.

For more information on WorkLight, visit their web site here.

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