More Widgets For The Samsung Omnia

Written by on March 15, 2009 under mobile, News, Software, Widgets

Samsung Corporation Displays Newest Omnia Mobile Phone at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
When the Samsung Omnia came out, it was touted as one of the iPod killers. At that time, I was pretty skeptical. After all, it is very hard to overcome the hype that Apple products always come with. Months down the road, it seems that the Omnia is living up to the expectations of its fans.

For those of you who have a Samsung Omnia, one of the things that you might have noticed missing is the capability for lotsa widgets. I can imagine how frustrating this could be. I may not have a Samsung Omnia but I do know how cool widgets for mobile phones are and as cool as an Omnia can be, it just doesn’t live up to its potential if it does not have widgets.

So here’s the good news – Samsung has recently released a new ROM, which includes new widgets. The ROM was only released on the 11th of March and is still in the beta version. From what I hear, some of the widgets that are already active include a stocks widget, a news widget, a weather widget, and a Google and Yahoo search widget. There is also a section for “more widgets,” but unfortunately, it is not functional as of yet. And that is why perhaps some people are waiting for the more stable version of the ROM to come out before downloading it. If I had the Omnia, though, I would download the beta version and find out for myself.

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Traffic Widget From TomTom

Written by on March 14, 2009 under Facebook, Software, Widgets

Cars Stopped in Rush Hour Traffic
Who doesn’t hate being stuck in the middle of traffic? I know I do. Just last Friday, I found myself wasting about an hour sitting in the car, waiting for Friday night traffic to let up so I could get to my destination. Friday nights is really one of the worst times to go out. Everyone and their moms seems to need to be somewhere in a real hurry and the city streets are just so full of people trying to be ahead of one another.

While widgets will not probably physically get rid of all the cars on the road, having a widget to at least know the conditions on the road will be quite helpful. At least, if you know just how bad the traffic is, you can find an alternative route or stay where you are till the conditions get better.

And that’s what the TomTom HD Traffic Widget can do for you. This Traffic Widget is compatible with some of the most popular sites that we use on a constant basis – Facebook, iGoogle, and Bebo. It offers real time information on traffic. It also offers customization – you can indicate a particular place and monitor the traffic in and around that area. Using this customization feature, the TomTom widget can also calculate the additional time that it will take you to travel from one point to another, based on the current traffic situation. The widget constantly refreshes itself, giving you only the most up to date information.

And the best thing about it? It can be downloaded for free!

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Government Turns To Widgets

Written by on March 14, 2009 under News, Twitter, Widgets

Ethernet Cable and Binary Digits
These days, it’s not simply all about attracting people to visit your web site. The idea is to get the information out, to disseminate the information in as easy a way as possible. And that is why widgets have become so popular.

Indeed, their usefulness is highlighted not only by the countless widgets that we use for sports and other pursuits of leisure. In fact, even the United States government has turned to widgets to disseminate information. Take the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for example. They have created a widget that automatically publishes important information regarding critical cases.

It’s not only the CDC that is making use of widgets. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office makes use of Twitter, which has its own widgets that can be placed in web sites.

Mitch Wagner of Information Week recently wrote a feature on this “movement” in the government:

One of the ways that social media changes the Web is that social media require you take your message to the people. The game is no longer about attracting people to your Web site—it’s about bringing your content to Twitter and other people’s Web sites. That’s a lesson that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) put into practice in the recent recall of tainted peanut-butter, and that the Ohio Attorney General is using for home foreclosure information.

I am sure that widget developers are aware of this and that they are scrambling to get the deals to develop widgets for government agencies. On our part, we have more widgets to make use of!

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