Wowzio For the Blogger’s Edge

Written by on December 20, 2008 under Games, News, Software


One thing that provides edge towards blogs these days is the proper selection of widgets to use on their site. There are millions of widgets available online these days and apparently it all depends on which widget element is truly fitting for blogs that aim to give better projection and easier navigation.

Widgets are a blogger’s friend when it comes to making their site more appealing. Ranging from simple to complex widgets, it all boils down on how these widgets can be able to entertain and assist visitors on the site.

These include a Gallery Widget that automatically finds all the pictures on your blog and then builds a photo gallery using them. In addition to that, each photo title links to the relevant post. The advantages of such a widget are evident. Not only does it entail a new discovery mechanism for readers to use, it also makes for simple syndication of your photos and increased online distribution.

Other widgets that merit a mention include a Panoramic Slideshow Widget and a Live Activity Widget that displays a list of the latest visitors to your blog in real time. This includes useful information such as what specific post they are reading and where they came from.

So if you want to check out new widgets in the market, check out Wowzio. This site may contain the much longed for widgets you are looking for.


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ClearSpring Rebounds With AddThis

Written by on December 13, 2008 under News, Software, Widgets


One thing you have to consider in the world of widgets and social networking is not to underestimate the power of service providers especially if they are executing a bunch of business plans to broaden their scope. ClearSpring was clearly erased and disregarded but to everyone’s surprise, it now finds itself at the top of the heap as far as number of viewers is concerned.

Gigya was initially seen to be the forerunner of the widget technology as far as traffic is concerned. But one thing about doing business on the web, do not underestimate the silence of companies that are sure to be continuously on the lookout for new business to enhance their current standing.

Widgets have so far been a rough and tumble venture, owing to the fact that other technology breakthroughs have made all possibilities entirely broader. While we all know that widgets are a familiar element in most mobile technology gadgets these days, rest assured that companies who have pioneered widget technology will not rest.

The figures do not lie and so do the unique viewers for any site. So with a 59% increase to show, Clearspring is surely on top of the heap and for all intents and purposes coughing up the dough and visits in the world of traffic in technology today.


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