Widgets for Smart Holiday Shopping

Written by on November 26, 2008 under News, Software, Widgets

Online Shopping

Christmas is less than a month away and people today are cramming on what to get for their peers and friends. With that in mind, searching them all over the web can be a pain especially if you don’t know where to find them. But perhaps getting the right widgets from reliable sites can save you the trouble and point you towards what is hot and what is not.

Normally, sites like Amazon, eBay and Yahoo would help a lot in these cases. Rather than search like crazy, landing the right site and best deals would be anyone’s agenda on the web. It beats having to drop by the nearest mall or specialty store to find out what you can get of great value. This is one part of technology where you just have to be happy with widgets around. Just imagine the load off having to find the perfect gift for the perfect person you have in mind.

Add to this the fact that the selections are bound to cover all genres. But among them would be electronics and gadgets, a fad that many seem to be falling prey too. Clothes and some furniture ideas as well may pop up and with all these in mind, it seems that widgets are the channels that you can really rely on.

Check out the usual sites for online shopping. Get their widgets and enjoy hassle free shopping to avoid the Christmas rush!

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Microaxis Widgets for the Financially Alarmed

Written by on November 11, 2008 under News, Widgets

Microaxis Finance Widgets

If you look at it, this financial widget that Microaxis has come up can certainly find its place and use for people who are adamant about their cash and funds. Especially today wherein most people need to pay close attention to their finances and budget properly, here is a widget that is bound to be sought after by the businessmen who use the web and at the same time want to keep track of their earnings and spending.

Macroaxis widgets and gadgets are created from the idea that most financial content can be integrated within a third party website by the placement of a small snippet of code that contains the necessary financial data. Their clients and partners use Macroaxis widgets, gadgets, and apps to enhance their Web presence and user experience using syndicated content and functionality provided my Macroaxis. This includes social networks, blogs, wikis, personal homepages, and corporate sites.

No one is spared from worrying about touching their money or even making calculated investments. The fact remains that if you want proper disbursement and monitoring of your cash flows while online, a calculator type of a widget to have is indeed something that can very well be welcome to them.

You may call it crazy but the fact remains that these things are indeed important. If that is what it takes to calm down the nerves of jumpy finance individuals, then by all means there is no question that such is a good widget to have.


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