Cases of Missing Applications on Facebook

Written by on October 31, 2008 under Facebook, Games

One thing about Facebook is that you can never get too much of one application. Thanks to the developers, the preference of applications to use has become rampant and from all indications, you may find yourself loaded with application widgets which you can also bookmark thanks to their new bottom sidebar.

But the sidebar can only carry so much, 5 applications at the most. At some point, you may have to ignore some applications since it cannot carry the load. Add to the fact that too much applications may become a load on your browsing, a prime reason perhaps as to why there are connection glitches at times. You can just call yourself unlucky if you are in the middle of a game application like Wrestler and then all hell breaks loose.

Another thing that may perhaps capture the ire of most Facebook subscribers is that of the ever changing face of applications and that of Facebook’s main page. While constant change for improvement is a given, it can also be annoying. Rearranging the initial setup can be totally discerning and while you want to air your side on this matter, you just have to consider the fact that it is all for easier interface.

So if in case you are missing some applications, take a second look. They are most probably around but you seem to have overlooked them due to new designs and setups. It is a pain at first but just like your first sign-up with Facebook, it is all about getting used to it.



Businesses Are Bound to Develop Widgets

Written by on October 29, 2008 under News, Software, Widgets

One thing that business are turning to these days is that of technology. Ideally, technology was never seen as a great tool to help enhance business. But today, it seems that business entities have no choice but to face the fact that they have to adjust accordingly and plan ahead. Creating widgets to help build on corporate awareness is certainly something that can happen.

Many would ask why the web would be the best place to get customers and of course attention. For one, the Internet has grown through the years and apparently majority of the people today have logged on and found it a great way to undertake personal and business matter.

Further, the web is something that has allowed globalization to become a reality. No longer will you have to worry about how to penetrate world markets. Most of them are logged on and all you have to do is to find them with the right means.

So where does a widget come in? Well consider a widget as fish bait. People will be looking for a particular product or service. As a provider, you just have to work up your company so it can be easily found. SEO and marketing tactics online are the new strategies many people are investing on.

So after that has been established, severing ties with them is the next step. Widgets can tie you up with them since you know where and who they are. In that case, don’t be surprised how technology can really push your business to the hilt at some point.


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Even Obama is Facebooking

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We have seen a wide array of political advertising and should you come across them when you open your Facebook account, don’t be surprised to see Barack Obama leading the charge.

It seems that Obama has not forgotten about the fruits of technology. Certainly, addressing all the mediums of making sure that he establishes familiarity for people in all forms of advertising seems to be taken word for word. He has invest largely in everything starting from television to online advertising. With that said, what is stopping him from taking part of advertising on one of the popular and fastest growing social networking sites today?

For his efforts, we have been hearing that Obama is comfortably ahead. Rightfully so thanks to his aggressive advertising campaigns. They are costly and one has to wonder where Obama got all these funds in making sure he gets a steady margin as far as winning the elections.

The results are imminent although not lopsided. Anything can happen before the elections. But in all races and mediums, Obama has indeed covered all bases. So if you hear the name of Obama, it is not strange anymore anywhere in the world. With all the investment he has poured into his campaign, he has indeed pulled out all the stops.

As far as his opponent is concerned, John McCain is sure to follow. He has done son from the other modes of advertising so why not now? It’s really a mad race for the presidency and surely, it will be a close one although Obama seems to have the inside track.


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Dr. Jukka Offers New Free Widget Games

Written by on October 22, 2008 under Games, News

Dr. Jukka

Bored with your phone in some place waiting for a friend or perhaps an appointment with your doctor? Well take out that gadget of yours and find a game to keep you occupied. Don’t waste your time moping or even get irritated by the long wait. Try and do something to keep yourself busy.

Tired of the same old games? No sweat. Dr. Jukka has placed fifty S60 WRT games at his website which you can download for free. Made of mini-games and puzzles, you are bound to find a bunch of them worthy to be downloaded and installed on your phone.

This has been a trend these days. Downloading programs and games towards your phone has really been something to consider. But considering that some sites may be hazardous and may even infect your phone, check out this one from Dr. Jukka which were made from freely available java-script versions.


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WebWag Widgets Introduces New Line of Widgets

Written by on October 21, 2008 under News, Software

WebWag Widgets

Here is something for the mobile Internet users. Java based phones can now enjoy another specialized way of surfing the web using the WebWag widgets which has launched a new Mobile Widget engine, the WebWag Mobile 2.0.

It is actually available in a lot of java based phones as it is known for helping users create a personalized home page with data feeds and web 2.0 services that are always accessible from any computer.

We are fully aware that the growing rate of mobile based users who want to access the webs via feeds has been growing and many are seeking new software that can help assist them in this need. WebWag has quite a reputation for continuously developing such software and surely, this new mobile engine can do a lot for all those mobile and techie geeks out there.

“Webwag Mobile users launch our widget engine as often as 20 to 40 time a month. Nothing can stop the widget phenomenon now, as widgets can make Internet access, mobile or not, much easier. With its new mobile version, Webwag is overthrowing received ideas. Most users can now have access to rich and customized mobile Internet. Widgets for the stock exchange, route descriptions, the weather forecast or Sudoku, they all offer an easy and fast experience and make the Webwag Mobile 2.0 a unique application,”said Florent Pitoun, COO.


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