Estee Laudee Launches Sensuous Widgets

Written by on September 30, 2008 under News, Software

Estee Laudee Widget

Here is some good news to all Facebook and MySpace users who love to read and become part of fashion. Estee Laudee has reportedly created the Sensuous Widget that can be added to the pages of Facebook and MySpace users.

We are all aware that Facebook is loaded with a lot of widget applications to which many users have signed up and added to their profile. Apart from the technology side of these widgets, such is a marketing tactic that allows endorsement and perhaps determining the number of people who truly endorse certain products.

Find your Sensuous style – Take the quiz to find out if you are Casually Chic, Glitz and Glamour, Back to Nature or Oh So Romantic.

Watch Sensuous model videos – Elizabeth Hurley, Carolyn Murphy and Hilary Rhoda talk about what ‘Sensuous’ means to them, and see behind-the-scenes footage from the ad campaign.

Gain exclusive access to the Sensuous style newsfeed – We’ve partnered with, and to offer users the latest news on fashion, travel and food.


So for all the Facebook and MySpace users, if you want an application worthwhile installing, check out this Sensuous Widget. It is certainly something that can be useful and recreational for you.

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Web Widgets To Channel Videos for Mobile Phones

Written by on September 25, 2008 under News

If there is one thing that widgets are famous for, it is that they are great means of channeling and acting as tunnels for sending one user to a site without having to go through various steps. It is this concept that has brought together Clearspring and Transpera to join forces and send videos directly to mobile phones.

With the familiar “Send to Mobile” option, the interface makes is easier for people to get videos or send them to phones which normally requires a lot of procedures that have become entirely tedious for people who are aching for a simple process. With this partnership, people may look forward to an easier process, doing away with the technical parts that perhaps leads to a frustrating effort in the end.

Transpera, providers of the first comprehensive solution to monetize Web video on mobile phones, today announced a significant partnership with Clearspring Technologies, the leading widget network, to further integrate its mobile video service offerings by way of online widgets. The deal includes implementation of Clearspring’s online widget technology, featuring the “Send-to-Mobile” capability powered by Transpera, where a user can send a video to a mobile phone from a widget.

Widgets are movable, sharable mini-applications used by consumers to craft custom online experiences. Audiences can create widgets of their favorite video content, for example, and post it to their web page, start page, blog or social networking profiles on Facebook or MySpace, for easy access and interaction with the content of their choice on a daily basis.


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WidgetBucks Offers Interactive Widgets

Written by on September 24, 2008 under News, Software

Adding a touch of interactive activities as far as widgets is concerned is no longer surprising. We have seen widgets serve as gateways and mediums to aid people, particularly for those who want to get easier navigation when they make purchases online. Some widgets have been so far content with having widgets act as purely gateways but thanks to added features such as these widgets available at Widgetbucks, people who frequent the web and are pretty much aware of the various things that they can do online would surely be happy with this ease in making online transactions.

WidgetBucks is actually focusing on local and travel ads, something desirable and common for people who use the web as a source of information. Whether this is business or a personal trip, people can look forward to easier means of checking out travel schedules with these new first-ever interactive widgets courtesy of WidgetBucks.

“We fundamentally believe that advertising should be more customizable, personal, engaging, and more measurable for publishers and advertisers,” said Matt Hulett, chairman and CEO of Mpire and WidgetBucks. “Clearly, Internet consumption habits are evolving from single destination sites to a more disseminated approach. Our new ad widgets help publishers and bloggers provide this influx of visitors with relevant, monetizable content.”

WidgetBucks’ new products introduce interactive capabilities that allow consumers to immerse themselves within an advertisement. By incorporating smart and interactive applications that provide interesting snippets of real information to consumers WidgetBucks help brands have a higher level of engagement and better ROI for each ad unit. “Our publishers are telling us they want the best mix of application-style ads and performance-marketing widgets, and these two new verticals address those needs,” added Hulett.


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DexKnows What You Are Looking For

Written by on September 22, 2008 under News

The Internet is known to be a goldmine as far as gathering information on the web. The only problem is how to start. Typing in names or even locations on your favorite search engine may do the trick but what if you are not that too avid when it comes to manually searching for them. In fact, how sure are you that you are looking in the right place? has offered a variety of widgets to which anyone can simply download widgets from their site to which they can search for local business information directly from their desktop.

With these widgets on your desktop, you no longer have to open separate browsers or worry about what last page you viewed. With the DexKnows widgets you can leave your browser be and simply type what exactly you are looking for at the right places.

In addition to the widgets, Dex also unveiled several other free tools for webmasters who wish to provide added value to visitors of their own sites. Web site owners can now download code that allows them to post search boxes, banners and more from their own sites. Visitors to these sites can then use these tools to search for local businesses.


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