Followers Tracked in Blogger

Written by on August 31, 2008 under News, Software

For the bloggers out there who have been constantly updating their site, perhaps this bit of news may not be a new one. But for the benefit of the ones who have focused mainly on blogging, try and visit your templates section and see what is new on your working desktop. Perhaps now you will see a bunch of new widgets and among them would be the Following option which allows you to keep track of people who are reading and following your blog and vice versa.

Bloggers who could care less and just care about blogging would not give this feature much attention. But for the bloggers who want to optimize their site, this is a handy and useful tool. Especially if you are the type who would want to know how your blog is doing and who could possibly be reading and how many, this new feature will certainly help a lot as far as optimizing your blog and making it stand out.

Driving in traffic is always important. For most bloggers, having a handful of readers to start with, creating interaction and eventually befriending them would be beneficial for any blog. Apparently with this new Following feature on Blogger, optimization and traffic awareness on a blogger’s site on blogger is bound to help a lot and even push blogger members to determine what to blog about for readers to continuously patronize their site.


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Widgets Are Losing their Luster

Written by on August 27, 2008 under Software

Unless you are a first-timer in cyberspace, chances are it would take a lot for widgets to impress and egg you to use them. For some years now, widgets which you can download from any site have become an easier way as far as being up to date and making interface towards favorite sites through your desktops. But a lot of issues such as speed and security issues have hindered the viability of widgets, sometimes being criticized for invading the privacy of users. They are pretty to look at but is that all they are about?

Certainly not! Widgets were made to establish a network of sorts which can be seen as operating in two ways:

1.To establish a link that will allow hosting sites to determine how many people are actually linked to their site. This eventually becomes leverage in determining how effective the exposure level of a site is as far as their marketing and advertising efforts are concerned.
2.To make it easier on the side of navigators as far as getting latest updates without having to frequent the site. Better than bookmarking, once a user opens their desktop or site, they can immediately see the latest updates (if any) and can read more if there is a link present.

But all of these were the initial offering. Today we see widgets being constrained towards mobile interface since they are easier to use. But as far as actual desktops or laptops, a lot of things have died down ever since. Perhaps some new enhancements can rekindle the fire that widgets initially had.

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Widget Games for Site Entertainment

Written by on August 25, 2008 under Games, Software

If you are a constant follower of the classic games such as Super Mario, then you can rekindle those old times through widgets. Yes you can download and even install them at your site, playing the same way that you did with your old Family Computer. But don’t expect the resolution to be as clear as the ones you have on television though. Widgets still have some shortcomings and apparently considerations such as connection speed still play a vital role in determining how well you can access games through widgets.

Now aside from the famed Super Mario game from Nintendo, you are bound to see a whole lot more of game widgets. You can download these widgets and install it at your site and before you know it, a lot of visitors may be frequenting your site to play the eternal popular game that had them glued to their TV sets.

However, just be sure your bandwidth can handle it. One thing about websites, if they are slow to refresh, visitors may not wait until the whole page shows. Among them would include the widget which eventually becomes part of the website once you install it.

That is perhaps the downside of using too much widgets on your site as optimization issues may arise. It would be advisable to check it out first and see if it does have an impact. If so, better pass it up and just play it from the site where you got it or refer visitors to it. A good deed for you by any means.

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Bringing Widgets to Internet TV

Written by on August 20, 2008 under News

If you think that being able to watch shows on the web is fascinating then brace yourselves for this news outbreak. Thanks to the joint efforts of Yahoo and Intel, widgets will be inserted into Internet TV, allowing users to be able to customize their Internet TV as they wish. Pretty cool huh?

Well technology will always find a way to surprise you. Apparently this new use of widgets have only made the pot a lot sweeter. With such an option and privilege given to you, what else has technology failed to impress us with? And this is just the beginning meaning there will be more advancements to be offered along the way as this initial offering should be seen more of as a basic step towards helping technology make the Internet a better and flexible place to work on.

Intel and internet major Yahoo! is bring Internet to television screens in Widget Channel. The channel will allow viewers to customise their TV screens with a swathe of internet services including eBay listings, weather, financial news and Twitter updates.

A further move towards the convergence between television and the internet, The Widget Channel is the result of a collaboration between Yahoo and technology manufacturer Intel.

Intel is building the hardware for the service to work in a series of digital televisions and set-top boxes.


Once this is settled, expect a wide demand for these TV boxes as most users are expected to check out the benefits that this partnership will eventually vent out. It only gets sweeter so in the coming months, expect more improvements as we go along.

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Apple Slips on .Mac

Written by on August 15, 2008 under News, Software

Apple Mobile Me

One thing about doing business is that you need to cover all the bases. Even the bigwigs such as Apple is not perfect. Apparently this is the case as to why phishing attacks when Apple unveiled the Mobile Me which opened lots of opportunities for .Mac users.

Apparently 1/3 of the people who used this transaction were found to be fraudulent. The scammers did a pretty good job, going to the extent of creating close to perfect similar graphics and falsely getting people to enter their personal information.

For the record, Apple has been treated more of a victim rather than the instigator. But considering their credibility, most consumers may not buy it. In fact, it was supposed to be their duty to protect their customers from these punishable acts.

“We confirmed this,” said Dan Clements, vice president at Affinion Group, the company that owns Card Cops. “...We called some of the .Mac users” found on a trading site used by the Internet underground.

Card Cops includes among its customers major banks worldwide. For the last eight years, the group has been helping its clients and law enforcement track down those who are trading personal information online.

Clements said his company routinely examines caches of “full profiles,” meaning the files contained the social security numbers, birth dates, mothers’ maiden names, and credit card numbers from customers of savvy users that were tricked. He said one day there was a “disproportionate amount of what we usually see” of victims using the .Mac e-mail address.

Of the 300 profiles provided to CNET News, more than 100 had .mac addresses.

“The attack looked very realistic; the graphics were well done,” said Clements, and this snared some sophisticated victims, he said. Some had businesses accounts with Apple “because their mother’s maiden name was already on file.”


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Widgets for Easier Online Transaction

Written by on August 13, 2008 under News, Software

Amazon FPS

For people fond of using Amazon, using a widget to make it easier to pay for items to be bought is very welcome news. Imagine the convenience of simply using a widget to handle all your shopping items and checking them out once you are done. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Of course, the responsibility for privacy and access of such widgets may be something up for discussion. While such an innovation using widgets may seem to be a point for people who love to go shopping online, control as far as who is using the widget to pay these items should be properly secured.

But based on what most companies such as the Amazon Flexible Payment System shared, users can manage their transaction better and securely.

Amazon’s FPS lets users tap into the company’s existing payments collection infrastructure (for a fee, of course). The idea of FPS is particularly attractive when you read that it will “take on the complexity of managing security and fraud protection” so that you don’t have to.

Two aspects of FPS are especially interesting. First, it supports micropayments, those that involve cents – or even fractional cents.

This is useful when business activities involve piles and piles of transactions, each having little monetary value, but the sum of which has measurable value. Imagine selling bubblegum for 10 cents. That doesn’t seem like much – unless you’re selling, say, 100,000 pieces a month.

Amazon FPS lets you aggregate micropayments into a single transaction, thus eliminating the problem of transaction costs swamping whatever profits the transactions involve.

FPS’s other interesting aspect is its support for “middleman” operations. That is, you can facilitate a transaction in which you participate neither as a sender (buyer) or recipient (seller). You can, however, take a cut of the action.


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The Death of Widgets is Apparent

Written by on August 6, 2008 under News, Software

As far as widgets are concerned, you have to wonder how come their popularity has somewhat underachieved. From much sought after add-ons to make life easier for the frequent Internet addict, they are now somewhat put in the background thanks to the new RSS and Podcasts that the Internet offers. So with these alternatives, have widgets died now?

You don’t really need figures to acknowledge these claims. Widgets are dying of a natural death and technology has a part of it. From something that apparently was responsible for building them, we have other measures to consider which can apparently offer a wide area of options if configured properly and wisely. In short, though widget interface has been deemed ideal, perhaps improving the widget rant may be in order.

Surf on the web today and you don’t see much widgets offered like before. You can see RSS feeds, live feed or even videos that have attracted more attention. As a whole, widgets seems to be wandering off and are second rate alternatives for people who may not find these new innovations simple enough to understand.

Consider however the numbers as far as subscribers and users and they will tell you that widgets are yesterday’s news. The are no longer as appealing and one would wonder on up to when they will be around. One day you will just see these widgets passé. By that time, you may have something else to rely on. It is just a matter of time.

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