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Written by on June 30, 2008 under Software

Yahoo Widget Engine

For sure, a lot of us have our own preference of web services and widgets are there to make it all the more easier for us. For the avid Yahoo users, this new Yahoo widget engine that can be downloaded for free is certainly a must have. Customizable and having 22 default widgets to go with the Yahoo widget engine package, people can stay abreast with all the updates and latest happenings online rather than opening a browser and searching for them individually.

What makes the Yahoo widget great to use is the fact that it is easy to use. Equipped with a helpful tour for the new users who want to make use of new technology, this new Widget Engine is bound to help the new enhancements and further bolster the basic knowledge of people when it comes to the beauty of widget technology today.

The app has 22 default widgets, including a weather forecaster, a Yahoo Mail manager, a Wi-Fi signal checker, a calendar, and an iTunes remote. Though the true value of the app should be judged on the quality of the widgets developed, the platform itself is polished and easy to use.

A helpful tour introduces users to the basics of widgets, offering up some examples. Adding and removing widgets is simple, and the new widget dock features more personalization options. Most widgets include tweaks such as skinning options. Other new improvements include ALT+Tab menu access and helpful configuration buttons that appear when you mouse over a widget. Yahoo Widgets does insert itself into your start-up programs without asking, but that can be fixed in Preferences. It’s an excellent tool for users of any of Yahoo’s services.


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Building Widgets with Sprout Builder

Written by on June 28, 2008 under Software

Widget technology can be done and acquired in various ways and the best thing about them is you can build your very own widget with the right software. In this case, the Sprout builder is a good software to consider if you are inclined to create great widgets that have become a growing demand today.

You can integrate audio, images and video through Sprout Builder which is flexible as well. One thing that most people hate is the technical nature which seems difficult to understand at first if you don’t get your hand on it. But once you start building widgets in the right direction, you would be surprised at the ease and the uniqueness of widgets that you create once you start.

Ideally you would need guides and tutorials to make it work. Widget technology is something that is really ideal for most people today, especially people who want an easier route towards the net. It can likewise be used as a good tool for representation in desktops and websites and all that is needed is to learn the proper way of developing great widgets according to your taste and needs.

There are a growing number of online widget makers now available, but the one service I keep going back to is Sprout Builder. It’s easy to use but still quite powerful and flexible in what it offers.


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Telegraph Joins the Widget Buzz

Written by on June 23, 2008 under Software

Widgets have been known to help optimize and provide varied solutions for people and groups and apparently the Telegraph has joined the fray. Providing various videos on its sight that may be rendered useless unless they are properly channeled for distribution will go for naught and thanks to widget technology, they can now be made available in websites around the Internet.

Facebook, MySpace and other websites that are geared towards making a difference and establishing their rankings on the world wide web can be used as mediums towards racking in traffic and making videos on their website transmitted and scene with the widgets they have offered. We all know that videos are the new craze for most people today and with this option available, expect a lot of sites to bite the offering so that they have something to show towards for their many readers.

In a way, this is another form of drawing in the crowd and making resources available for people who want video feeds and files maximized accordingly. Apparently most people today are very much appreciative with videos made available and now that Telegraph has joined the long list of videos online, competition for great content over the web just got broader.

The Telegraph has developed and launched a series of widgets to virally distribute its online video content to social networks, blogs and across mobile devices.

The Telegraph TV widgets, which are compatible with 26 different networks and websites, will be made available for users to place on profile pages on Facebook and MySpace, as well as on blogs, desktops and iGoogle homepages.


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Muzicons Widgets

Written by on June 19, 2008 under Software


Here is a cool widget for people who love music and are forever looking for quality music downloads. You don’t have to search for them online anymore. You can simply get a Muzicons widget, placed it on your blog and you can instantly find the preferred musical tunes right from your very own desktop.

It is easily customizable and caters to most blogging software known today. It can be placed in blog sites hosted by WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal or even MySpace. You can even present them through the various emoticons to set the mood of your choice each time you leave it on your blog.

So if you want something cool to put on your blog, try this Muzicons widgets. They are sure to liven up your blog and even give your visitors something else to do when they are finished reading your blogs.

Muzicons may seem ordinary, but they’re David against the Goliath that is the music industry. Since Muzicons was created in Russia, it will not have to adhere to the demands of the DMCA as we saw happen with Imeem when it was sued by Warner Music. Users are free to upload copyrighted music as they see fit.

In my opinion, Muzicons are simply the cutest music widgets I have ever seen.

(Source) Mashable

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WidgetBucks Brings in More Bucks

Written by on June 16, 2008 under Software

Widgets have had their share of boosting online advertising and for WidgetBucks, the market leading ad network of retail and shopping widgets for online publishers, getting additional funding thanks to investing partners such as Draper Fisher Juvertson is certainly a big boost for expanding and putting where the money is.

DFJ has been known to invest wisely in companies that bring unique and disruptive technology. These investments for potential business undertaking that can change investments into fortunes is indeed something many would consider a gamble. But considering that WidgetBucks has initially had 100 million unique visitors and serves over 20,000 publishers, you have to wonder the things that can still occur for the coming years. And from all indications, WidgetBucks is not yet through and is in fact planning major moves that will further bolster its established popularity and strengthen its ecommerce platform in the process.

“The investment decision was simple,” said Bryant. “DFJ invests in companies that are bringing disruptive technology to major sectors of the Internet economy. We love what WidgetBucks has built around its ecommerce platform. While the recent growth has been phenomenal, what we invested in is the promise to truly transform performance-based advertising for publishers.”


So if you see WidgetBucks CEO Matt Hullet flashing a wide smile these days, don’t be surprised. Things are looking up for WidgetBucks and with the new investments, they are bound to go places.

More online shopping with more customers who believe in WidgetBucks, you just got to expect better things ahead for this market leading ad network of retail and shopping widgets for online publishers.

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Making Blog Layouts with WordPress Widgets

Written by on June 9, 2008 under Software

If you are into blogging, you will note that in the design portion of the WordPress administration (assuming you are using WordPress as your blogging platform) the ease of playing around with the format of your site. Normally they are placed at the bottom of the page to which you can drag and drop them as you please to the desired order of what will be seen each time a visitor visits your blog.

The usual widgets you will see include the categories, recent posts, date, tag clouds, and recent comments for default widgets you will always have. While there are certain orders on how to place them, you can tinker with that a bit and drag the corresponding widget/s to the order you prefer.

When you talk about preferred order, this is thinking like a visitor. In cases where a visitor would like the post you made, chances are he will be looking for others of the same category or similar pages. He may even prefer to look at the tag cloud to which a simple click can return the pages that he would want to see.

So if you look at it, widgets are easier to navigate with compared to the usual programming that the old WordPress scripts had initially used. Instead of getting worried at potential errors in the scripting methodology is concerned, you can rely on the WordPress widgets to do the pre-formatting for you without any worries at all. Just don’t forget to save them after you are done so that you can finally get the right order of widgets for your site.

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