AnswerTips: A Widget Answering Machine

Written by on May 9, 2008 under Software

For most information that people would want to get today, would have a ton of answers ready for use and explanation to the wandering thought in people’s minds. However, a person does not have to open a new browser or even navigate away from their current page, AnswerTips offers a flexible way of simply typing the word or phrase to which it will return possible solutions to the queries a person would have.

Getting the Answers

Definitions, explanations and terminologies can be found by a simple click of the widget. These are common words which a person may not readily understand and thus a good way to aid them in enhancing their vocabulary and understanding the entry or compositions being read more clearly.

The queries are returned in a bubble to which people can also type other questionable terms that they run into. Such a feature is indeed useful, especially for people in need of answers at an instant.

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