One Widget can Make all the Difference

Written by on February 9, 2008 under Software

Sites would usually want to keep their layout presentation as simple as possible. Adhering towards avoiding the over-designing of sites which tend to take out the whole essence of the developed site is what most administrators want to avoid. With widgets, one good widget object may be all that people need.

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Widgets are just add-ons and enhancements that make the whole site a comfortable site for people who lack the patience in satisfying their field of interest. There are two types of viewers, the serious ones and the impatient ones. The first one does not need to be emphasized for the matter that they are mainly concerned about reading content.

Impatient readers are the hyperactive kind where pure content may not be enough for them to be content. However, proper assessment on what additional featured widgets to use must be identified since a site full of widgets may eventually lead to poor page impressions and visitor endorsements.

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