Never Miss a Second In Widget Clock Embedding

Written by on July 25, 2007 under Software

Sure there will always be the time at the lower right corner of your taskbar but what if you are in a different time zone like let us say Paris or China? You may need to do some adding or subtracting of hours since different time zones in the world is a reality.

Clocklink Widget

Around the world, this is a given. The need to be aware of what time it is, especially for making blog posts for the world to see, since updates on blog queries and tags as provided by Technorati will be important especially in determining the target audience of most bloggers today.

Such has been the concept of Clocklink, providing the necessary info for people to be aware of the time anywhere they may be. First thing that they need to do is to find out what target audience they are catering to, the territory time difference of which they can put on their blog site. While some time zones may not be applicable, finding regions that have discrepancies in time differences would be good to add as an add-on to aid incoming visitors from various regions of the world.

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