Creating an Interactive Atmosphere

Written by on February 26, 2007 under Software

Blog readers would often prefer a warm but friendly atmosphere in the blogs that they would usually find themselves in. Sidelights in the form of interactive widgets and links to which alternative places of references or similar pages within the blog site, will surely be an added plus to blog owners who want continuous patronization of their site.

Leaving comments open to start a community type of interaction where reactions and insights would be solicited is something that will surely be a pleasure for people in their desire for additional information and such. Widgets have made the life of people easier and administrator a whole lot more possibilities in enhancing their site.

Impressionism in Blogs

Just the same, free-flowing interaction paired with proper presentation and layout will be key towards appealing to the site traffic today. All it needs is identifying and putting them into place and the rest will come naturally for blog site owners.

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Using Slideshow Widgets in Blog Sites

Written by on February 24, 2007 under Software

slideshow widgets

For blog administrators, showcasing various images in the form of photos and graphics is a good way to enhance their site and further boost its attractiveness for people who look for more than simple content. Photos being showcased such as sceneries and rare but wonderful people and places will gather the approval of enticing people to look forward to something more than just plain blog entries in sites.

Slideshow widgets would usually be located at the side bars of a site. This all the more gives flexibility for visitors with regards to what they actually see before the page loads completely. Photos are usually uploaded in sites which accommodate warehousing such image files and the rest is done through linking to them to save on space.

Photos add spice to blogs and websites and hence are a good marketing aspect of promoting website presentation. While there are various forms of widgets available, it would be best to resort to the simplest manner of imaging to help in making blog sites alluring and patronized.

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Making your Footer a Catchy Tail-ender

Written by on February 23, 2007 under News, Software

Footers in blogs are sometimes taken for granted since bloggers and administrators would put more weight on the actual header of their sites since this is the immediate thing that anyone would see. While such practice has become evident, headers would indeed be the first point of interest, but footers also have their share since they are the finishers once a person is able to read a blog entry entirely.

blog footers

Footers may come in the form of ads, banners, or widgets. It is more of a complimentary add-on so that anyone can have a good knack of finishing a particular blog with flourish.

The lower side of a blog may not be as catchy as header designs, but a blog without a suitable footer may eventually lose its luster in the eyes of its target audience. It would be best to put something worth the wait since people still go for quality design and unique concepts of presentation of their work in blogs.

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Criteo Offers Related Links to Blog Entries

Written by on February 21, 2007 under Games, Software

For people in search of various information and related content, Criteo Autoroll provides such a feature where visitors will be given related blog rolls to which they can also verify and check similar topics of interest. The need to make multiple searches on one topic has been a given. There are people who are not immediately satisfied with one site?s content.

Related Links and Blogs

This totally lies in the probable need for verification and major points to be consolidated as one. Bloggers are sure to have different opinions with regards to one aspect. It is thus best to think ahead and provide such an option of checking out related links on the blog site so that the need to navigate away from the page or open a new browser can be avoided.

Such a feature is something that visitors will surely appreciate. For one, it lessens the need to think and make further steps in getting to the bottom of what they are really after on the web.

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How To Implement the Right Order of Presentation

Written by on February 19, 2007 under Software

The proper order of presentation in sites such as the text entries, images, videos and comments portions are one of the varying factors that an administrator would always put into consideration. While there are the usual default order of presentation where the image would be followed by the text and then the comments portion, there are sites which have altered the chronological order to try and observe the overall impact with regards to reader preference and presentation of certain sites.

Web Artist

The usual order of course would be the default one which would be preferred by readers from anywhere. But implementing a change every once in a while also helps improve the quality of a site, offering a unique concept with regards to concept and presentation which will surely rub off.

However, the site relevance and information as placed in the text box must not be overshadowed by such. The content is still the main point for existence and will always be the major part of interest by most visitors of blog sites visited today.

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Placing Mini-Games on Your Site

Written by on February 17, 2007 under Software

Widgets offer more than simple interactions and graphical enhancements that are embedded on websites today. They also offer simple but addicting mini games that would capture the interest of most people, something other than the usual blog entries and content that anyone would normally visit the site for.

Widget Mini-Games

There have been a variety of games ranging from jigsaw puzzle widgets to the default games that windows would come with. Among the notable widget games include that of Scenario Poker, Asteroid Run and Battleship Games. While game widgets were designed to add spice, offering game play as an alternative for visitors all the more entices them to keep coming back for more of the game widgets embedded on the site.

Not all people would be fond of simply reading blog entries. An administrator would also have to consider that other means of attracting hits can be done with the auxiliary components that they would add to their site.

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Placing Banner Ads on your Website

Written by on February 15, 2007 under Software

By all means, anyone would be open to generating a little profit from their website. Ads placements such as banners or links can be found in most websites. These are affiliations agreed upon by the site owner and the site to which these ads would be linking. It takes on a referral type of a scheme where a visitor would be able to see such promotional gimmicks and grab potential customers with every referral.

Banner Ads Placement

A point remains is that the proper placement and design of the entire site must be maintained. Overall presentation and strategic placement of the various components of a blog site such as the header, footer and the embedded objects such as widgets and graphical images must be placed presentably. Bad design would throw away potential customers and followers thus the need for web administrators to carefully study a catchy presentation for their guests at any time.

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Enhancing Your Site for the Occasion

Written by on February 13, 2007 under Software

With so much occasions that the world observes, Valentines day is no different. While people may not think much of dressing up their site with additional graphics or widgets to pay tribute towards the occasion, others would think otherwise.

heart widgets

Valentines is a special day for people, especially for lovers all around the world. Among these couples, there would be a number of people who may end up checking a website, and the proper mood fit for the occasion will definitely be appreciated or flatter the normal visitor.

A simple graphics of hearts, cupid or flowers would not hurt if they were to be added to the site for a temporary time such as days. The objective is really to go with the mood of the occasion, something that people will surely appreciate. Regardless if such graphics would be borrowed, linked or self made, setting the mood will surely be something festive and memorable as traditions for days like Valentines day want to bring out.

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Placing Widget Polls by Vizu

Written by on February 11, 2007 under Software

For most posts in forums and blog sites, having a poll of any genre that blog administrators would want to be present is something that most people would surely consider having. Polls help determine the standards and determine the probable comments and insights of viewers who happen to land on their page. Sort of like a sideshow towards the site as a whole.

Vizu Polls

Polls were made to gather votes to see what can be expected among the viewers as far as certain topics, usually with a yes or no option. For more complicated polls, a list of possible choices, usually catering towards current issues and areas are on topic. The end results for the polls would usually be what people will look at. Of course, most of the people who would cast their votes on the poll would want to know what happened to their choice and how they are faring.

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Layouts Using Widget Technology

Written by on February 9, 2007 under Software

The usual order and layout of most blog sites will be among the points for consideration for people to think about. Thinking of an appealing presentation such as the placement of blog rolls, useful links and other known page elements that compose a blog will be up for different points of view, especially if one talks about interface and hitting the scripts to come up with the alluring presentation to complement the overall quality content is expected from probloggers all over the world.

Widget Layouts

Free blog sites such as blogger offer this new enhancement to improve the quality of presentation that bloggers are looking for. Paired with a good domain name, optimizing the blog site hosting has never been made easier for people who want to take it to the next level that of which is to make revenue and income out of them.

Affiliations and Adsense by Google has opened the doors for such opportunities and by all means, every blogger today is expected to take advantage of them and layouts are another part for appealing sites for people looking for juicy content on the web.

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